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Flight Of Fancy

Carter finishes stitching Trent's arm. I write in my notebook, "10:15 PM: Kid will kill himself before the end of the episode." I call a notary public to stamp the page and prove that I called it. Carter tells Trent he's finished, and Trent thanks him and prepares to leave. Carter calls him back and asks, "It's about your mother. How much do you remember about her?" Trent says he can't remember anything. Carter asks whether Trent's sure, and Trent says, "Yeah, uh, she's dead. She was a loser -- a heroin addict." Carter sighs and, without any ceremony and barely any preamble, announces, "She died of AIDS, and she had the virus when she was pregnant with you, and the virus can pass from the mother to the baby." Trent blinks, considers this, and asks, "Wait a second. So, I have AIDS?" Carter is quick to explain that, no, Trent has HIV, and that he's healthy because he's been taking medication. Trent's look of concentration and distress leaves his face, and he laughs with relief and explains, "Oh, no, no, no! See, I just take a bunch of vitamins. That's it." Carter has that smirk again, though now it's a compassionate smirk (and, trust me, it works about as well as you'd think a "compassionate smirk" would in conveying compassion -- which is to say, not well at all), and he assures Trent that he's been taking medication to combat his HIV. Trent repeats, more desperately, "No. No! They're just vitamins, man." Carter says, "Your grandmother told me, and I confirmed it with your doctor." Trent yells, "Well, why wouldn't she tell me?" Carter shakes her head and suggests that his grandmother wanted to protect him: "But you needed to know." Trent exhales, and then asks, "So my whole life, everybody's lied to me?" Carter plunges his knife into TrentGrams's belly and slices upwards: "I'm not lying to you." Okay, Carter. That's right. Give the kid some incredibly shitty news. Don't sugar-coat it. Turn him against his family. Leave him with no resources other than the shitty pamphlets you're going to give him in the next scene. Why not just send Lisa into the supply closet to get the kid a prescription sawed-off shotgun to off himself with, and save yourself some time?

In the helicopter, Mark asks Gordon for the ETA, which is about twenty minutes. Tom gingerly touches his chest a couple of times, and as soon as Mark asks him whether he's okay, the machines start their telltale beeping. Mark and the nurse both prepare syringes as Tom haltingly asks what's going on; Mark tells him that he's having a heart attack, but that they're giving him "clot-busting medication." The Nurse Extra asks Mark whether he wants to intubate; Mark flicks his eyes toward Tom, who quickly shakes his head no. Mark tells her, "Not if I don't have to." He tells Nurse Extra to put Tom on a mask. She asks whether he thinks they should land, and Tom interjects, "No, Dr. Greene. Dr. Greene, you can get me there, right?" Again, total kiss of death. Tom is not getting his heart transplant; I can tell you that right now.

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