Foreign Affairs

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Foreign Affairs

Weaver hunts down Luka and reveals that the board, of course, rejected his request. But she did get them to admit that if a hypothetical kid with a hypothetical heart ailment hypothetically showed up at County with nowhere else to hypothetically go, then strictly hypothetically, County would not turn him away. Luka's all, "BINGO, suckers!" Kerry reminds him that this is all off the record. Luka thanks her with a delighted grin, and she pretends its brilliance doesn't make her reconsider the lesbianism choice.

Damn, Ante looks rough. The kid's sweaty and pasty and hooked up to an oxygen mask. Suddenly, we're on his plane, and Luka is charging aboard and scooping him up, carrying him off into the sunset.

Carter breaks the news to Curtis that his sister might be permanently paralyzed. Curtis gets that old shitkickin' gleam in his eye so that we know it's lead-pumping time. Then he goes in to see Noelle. "Hey there, baby girl," he coos. She's thrilled to see him. "We didn't do anything. Why'd they shoot at us?" she asks. Curtis tenses and says he's going home to fix the place up, but that he'll be back as soon as he can. Carter watches all of this as if he somehow needs this storyline in his life. Curtis charges out of the room and into the reception area, where a couple of hoods greet him. Carter's do-rag radar goes off, and he notices the red ones on Curtis's friends, which freaks him out. "You're back! Too bad it's like this, man," one of the hoods says to Curtis. Carter chases and asks where Curtis is going. "To fix things," Curtis seethes. "You did a good thing for your mom. Don't undo it now," Carter pleads. Curtis snarls that The Disciples undid it for him when they shot up his house. Carter isn't happy with this answer. He wanted rainbows and ponies. So he chases after Curtis and has the gall to touch him on the elbow. "You just didn't do that, right?" Curtis snaps. Carter pulls out the What Will I Tell Your Sister? card, which Curtis trumps with a chest-thumping decision to play the You Tell Her I'm a Damn Warrior ace. Carter makes one last-ditch attempt at reason by looking at Curtis really sternly and shaking his head a lot, because that's what always worked on him when Gamma wanted a blubbering admission of wrongness. But Curtis counters this with a narrow-eyed glare of I Want To Kill Everyone, Satan Is Good, Satan Is Our Pal, and all Carter can do is walk away, straight toward the commercial break. We go there half-wishing that Carter would strap on a red head-scarf and unleash his simmering inner homeboy.

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