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Foreign Affairs

"She's in the lounge," Jerry calls to Carter. "Who?" Carter asks. Hee. A gunshot victim enters with the paramedics, and Pratt swings him toward the trauma room. There's no Attending, which stresses Carter. "Pratt needs an Attending," he frets. "You're an Attending," Jerry says. Carter is already gone. And I'd like to ask, since when? I feel like TPTB knows that people are sweating about what the hell Carter's job is and why his stint as Chief Resident has lasted so damn long, and they're toying with us like we're puppets. Which I don't like, because puppets are horrific and freaky.

Carter notices that the victim has a red bandanna on, and remembers him as one of Curtis's cronies. "Where's Curtis?" he shouts. "Don't know, man," moans the fallen Righteous Lord. The paramedic exposits that a few kids were pronounces on the scene. Carter chases them in to Trauma Yellow.

Abby wanders down the hall and spies Carter in the trauma room. She and Chen arrive at the same time. "I'm here," Chen says, taking over. Really? Well, where the hell have you been this whole hour? "Jing-Mei's got it," Abby says. Carter ignores everyone and keeps trying to help. Chen and Pratt try encourage him to leave. "John, let them take it," begs Abby. He snaps his head around and glares at her, fuming, before storming out of the trauma room. Abby chases him frantically. "Why don't we get out of here?" she suggests. "You know I came in to find you, right?" he spits. I'm not totally sure how she wronged him here. She was there to talk to him and he left to attend to Curtis, so she went back to Eric. He knew where to find her, and he didn't go looking. So I guess he's mad that she intervened in the trauma, which seems a little odd considering that the guy was slated to be Chen's patient and Chen was indeed there to take it. Carter snarls that he shouldn't have come. "It's okay, things can get better," she attempts lamely. "Can you do me a favor? Can you leave me alone?" he yells, his muscles tensed with anger. Abby is so taken aback that she almost retreats a few steps. As it is, she looks punched in the stomach. "What?" she sputters. "I need some time. Can you just go?" he asks, firmly. Abby, hurt, obeys him and exits into the hallway. Carter crumbles onto a gurney and sobs his heart out, shoulders shaking. Abby watches from outside, but makes the mistake that she already made once: she listens to him, and leaves. I think this entire episode, Carter wanted her to ignore him: he wanted her to show up at the house anyway, and he wanted her to come back into the room and let him cry on her shoulder. He wanted her to be there because she wanted to be there, and not because she felt like it was an obligation or that she had to please him. Abby didn't get that. She took him at face value, she felt like she'd screwed up, and she did what he told her to do. It's further proof that these people can't communicate, and that's why they're doomed. That, and the fact that they have the chemistry of water and...more water.

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