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As Coop sucks on an inhaler to quell his asthma, he points shakily at the trauma-room window. "I thought he was dead," he says. Susan turns around and, when she sees Chuck, lets tears spring to her eyes. Chuck seems relieved to see her, and they both drop everything as the background music drops out. "Baby, I had to tube..." Chuck begins. Susan throws herself at him and her arms around him, clinging tightly. "It's not that big of a deal," he laughs, confused. "I thought you were on the chopper," Susan says between happy sobs. "No, they brought their own flight nurse, and the bitch wouldn't let me fly," Chuck says, smiling. "That bitch saved your life!" Susan cries. She's called away. "I know, I know," she stomps her foot, sweetly torn between wanting to revel in Chuck and knowing that she's needed. "I thought you were dead," she says emotionally, glowing at the sight of him. "I scraped my back a little," Chuck boasts teasingly, touching the spot and pulling away a bleeding hand. Susan backs away to tend to her patients, positively beaming. Again, very well acted. These two are way more appealing than any other couple on this show, as long as the writers don't decide to make Chuck a complete knob for the purposes of giving Susan relationship angst. Which...yeah, Chuck's probably still doomed.

Sam produces a vascular clamp so that Luka can MacGyver the chest tube out of Burned Woman's lung. He does it with relative ease. I'm surprised he's not all, "We didn't have tools in the Congo -- we used our hands for this stuff." Impressed, Sam watches Luka reintubate the woman and then dashes off to find a surgeon, because the woman's liver is lacerated. Luka stays behind to keep pressure on it, and also so that he can be impressed by Sam's moxie, or some such bullshit.

Olaf has a collapsed lung. In Trauma Yellow, Pratt's got a guy with left-side paralysis and a neck wound. Weaver insists that he call a vascular surgeon to repair the carotid, but Pratt says it won't work, because...look, who are we kidding, there are words being uttered but none of it really makes it clear to me what the hell needs to be done. Pratt basically thinks he knows a better and faster way to save this man, and Weaver doesn't want to hear it, because she hates the sound of Pratt's voice. "Don't do it, Pratt," she warns. No, please do it, Pratt, so that we might find out what "it" is. As long as it's nothing to do with the merger of his crotch to another, I think I can handle it.

Coop coughs as Susan notes that Reina's about to go into arrest. "She needs an amputation," Susan decides. Apropos that Chopper caused yet another person to face a limbless life. Coop sucks down the heliox and then Chipmunks that an amputation would kill her because her heart's too weak. Ah, Coop. So cute. I know he was on That '80s Show, which on principle I loathe, and by extension I loathe the cast. Except...dammit, the man keeps winning me over. Chuny expresses doubt that Reina will make it to her granddaughter's wedding.

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