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Lester, Abby, and Neela perform quick analyses on a couple patients until Chuck lists to the side and collapses. Abby springs into action, ordering Neela to go get a Sonosite while she and Lester move Chuck onto a bed. Suddenly, Abby discovers that Chuck's back is badly cut and bloodied.

Neela heads into the trauma rooms in search of a doctor; Gallant and Weaver send her to Pratt, who gives her a snappish answer because he's trying to demand that a surgeon put a stent in his patient. Neela takes stock of this, then grabs the Sonosite, halfheartedly announces that she's taking it, and trucks back to Chuck's room.

Susan frantically tries to restart Reina's heart.

Neela reenters the room with the Sonosite. In her absence, Lester and wee Abby somehow managed to lift the somewhat more substantial Chuck onto a bed; thanks to Neela's exciting adventure in the trauma rooms, the show was able to gloss over this complete and utter mismatch. "No one's available," Neela pants. "He needs intubation," Abby answers, checking out Chuck. Suddenly, the Vomit Comet, having been sufficiently filled up with orange juice and refried beans, erupts from Chuck's mouth and cakes his face in orange slime. Easily the nastiest moment of the episode. Lester, Neela, and Abby struggle to roll Chuck onto his side, which makes it all the more implausible that Abby and Lester actually lifted him alone. Abby furrows her brow and looks around, bites her lip, and then decides to be a bit more like Pratt. She tells Neela to prep a tube. She wipes the caked puke off Chuck's face in order to position the tube, and then bends over him and brushes her hair away with the same vomitous glove. Luckily, her hair color is so abominable, you don't even notice the addition of Chuck's chunks. Neela seems a bit horrified that Abby's doing this, but she also quickly helps. Lester holds the Whatever Apparatus steady while Abby slides the tube down Chuck's throat; it goes smoothly. Abby grabs the Sonosite and determines that Chuck has a metal fragment in his spleen. "He needs a central line," Lester determines. "Shouldn't an attending be here?" Neela frets. "Yep," Abby says evenly. "See anyone around?" Neela can't argue with that one.

Ew, Burned Woman's liver appears to be sitting outside her body, but it might just be my sickened imagination. Anspaugh shows up to take her to the OR. "Looks like I'm eating cold turkey tonight," he sighs. Sam jolts upright and panics when she learns that it's 5 PM, and that she's two hours late getting home to Alex. Then she grabs a rescue worker and asks for some bolt cutters. "You're lucky, Mr. Garland," Luka smiles at Judy. "Your burns are only minor." Judy wails, "I liked it better downstairs. I only had pneumonia downstairs." Sam bites back a smirk and looks at Luka with something less than her usual distaste.

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