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Susan gently kisses Chuck, and he wakes. She strokes his hair affectionately. "I should fake my death more often," he teases. Susan grins. "I knew it," Chuck murmurs happily. "[I knew] that we'd end up together tonight." Susan laughs. "This is your idea of a hot date?" she asks. "Yeah. It's dark, the nurses are busy..." he begins. "You just had your spleen removed," she snickers. "You know what they say -- lose an organ and the other ones get stronger," Chuck cracks. Susan beams at him happily and clasps his hand, stroking it.

Abby crosses the street, armed with coffee, and encounters a dawdling Neela. "I'm waiting on labs," Neela says. "I hate to pass on patients when it's busy." Abby smirks that Neela will change her tune soon enough. They walk back toward the hospital. Neela seems to want to talk. "Today was amazing," she confesses. "I've never seen anything like it. I didn't think we could handle it, but we did, and we did really well. We saved lives. It was like a roller coaster. I've always hated them, but I sort of can't wait for the next ride." Abby seems to warm to her after this fairly heartfelt admission and jokes, "Just as long as it's not in the next twelve hours." She then offers Neela some coffee. "I'm not in the club," Neela laments. "I got an extra," Abby winks.

As we pull back, rescuers lift Chopper's charred carcass off the ground, and we see the faint shape of a body. We fade to black waiting in vain for the possessed Go-Go-Gadget Arminator 2: Rise Of The Machines to poke from the rubble, clench its fist, and exact bloody vengeance. It never happens.

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