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Get Carter

Kem heads into Trauma Green, where a tired Carter is recovering from blowing his wisdom wad all over Pratt's lab coat. "How's the daughter?" he asks. "Better than I would be if I'd just seen my mother die," Kem answers. "Are you angry with me?" she asks him. Carter lies that he isn't, but adds that he didn't expect her to ride in the rigs, either. "Did you even eat lunch?" he asks. Kem shrugs guiltily. Oh, that's just dumb. She's supposed to be smart and sassy, not an empty-headed braless waif with the all the sense of Frank at a perogi convention. Sam bursts in just as Carter's scolding Kem, and orders them to come check out what's happening in the lobby.

The hall is crowded with coughing people. Kem lightly shrugs that she suggested to all the neighbors of the Swiss Family Tussis that they come in and get checked and inoculated. "Now you're angry," Kem observes. Carter exhales. "I'm not angry," he lies. He tells Sam to round the patients up into triage and get together as much vaccine as she can. "Can I help?" Kem asks innocently. "Yeah," Sam duhs. "I love you!" Kem shouts at Carter, who grunts.

Elizabeth comes down to find The Traveling Bullet, and learns that, once again, Dr. Lawson snagged one of her patients without notifying her. Apparently she stuck around to see him, making her late to pick up Ella. Carter starts to mutter that Lawson was trying to help, but he gives up and walks away.

Elizabeth musters up a cloud of bitchery and snit to carry her up to Lawson's den. She storms right into Radiology while Lawson is working on her patient. "You must be Dr. Corday," he says, not looking up. The screens he's using look shockingly like an Atari game. Looks like The Traveling Bullet is little more than a nasty case of asteroids. Elizabeth seethes that Lawson's stolen two patients from her today, rather than doing the smart thing and presenting the two courses of treatment for the patient to consider. He glibly flips the bullet back into the femoral vein and smiles that Elizabeth can take back her patient to cut out the bullet. He pulls down his mask to reveal that he's smoking hot, in addition to being British. "It was nice to meet you. I look forward to working together again soon," he purrs. Elizabeth looks completely taken aback by his cool attitude and his scorching bod, and she stands there in stunned, sputtering silence as he glides out of the room and into the line outside my apartment that starts with Luka.

As Pratt meanders through the hospital, Kidsicle flags him down and thanks him for all the life-saving. Pratt demurs that he didn't do anything. "I came in here with a broken back and now I'm going home," Kidsicle says. Pratt points out that his vertebrae is still fractured, but Kidsicle doesn't want his parade rained upon by so rancid a golden shower. He thanks Pratt quite insistently, and Pratt shrugs and accepts it with nothing approaching grace.

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