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Get Carter

Frank interrupts to order everyone to the lobby, per Weaver's instructions. So they all leave, and poor Stair Master is just sitting there in the trauma room twiddling his sizable thumbs, hoping at least one of them comes back to tell him what's wrong and how to fix it. I'm surprised Luka is standing for this -- isn't it costing somebody money to leave him in the trauma room? Maybe the waiting period is some kind of starvation-diet plan enacted by a vindictive, insult-slinging Carter.

Weaver puts on her very best I'm The Boss Of You tone and condescends to the entire staff as she stands in front of an object covered by a sheet. She delivers with a straight face the line about how Romano's generosity of spirit, so evident in his dealings with staff and patients, lives on even as he and Chopper continue their delicate mating dance in the depths of Hell. Carter smirks. Pratt arrives and stands next to Kem, actually looking at her and giving her a smile dripping with possibility. Wipe it off, asshead. Weaver announces that Romano left a significant portion of his estate to the hospital for furthering its service to the community: "To that end, I'm pleased to announce the creation of...." And with that, in the most irritating and unfortunately hard-to-describe snooty, careful accent, Weaver lifts the cloth to reveal a plaque with a brass bust of Romano on it -- with the beard, which seems odd considering that it was a short-lived addition to the late doc's face -- and announces the "Robert Romano Memorial Center for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered Health Care," her voice dripping with triumph, pride, revenge, amusement, and a vain attempt at innocence. Carter's jaw drops. "Oh no...." Abby bites her tongue. "Oh YES she did," Pratt snickers. I have to say, this kind of cracks me up. As annoyed as I was that no one cared when Romano died, this is a fairly amusing way to flip him the bird for all his insults, while doing nobody any actual harm. Except Kerry, when she dies and arrives in Purgatory, but that's her problem.

Weaver briskly instructs them all to return to work, and snaps at Pratt for missing his appointment with the guy from Risk Management. "I've been busy," he growls. Weaver smiles that he's got another meeting in half an hour, and Pratt pouts.

Carter, Kem, and Abby stare confusedly at the plaque. "Is it me, or do the eyes seem to follow you?" Abby asks uncomfortably. Carter jokes that Romano's Utah Arm is going to come back to exact painful revenge. I can see it now, cradling Rex the Wonder Preemie in its palm as it trots through the hospital to wreak havoc on the lives of the righteous and bring hellish vengeance upon the heads of the, um, Weavers. Kem astutely questions whether Romano was a big supporter of gay rights. "Uh, no," Carter says. Is that strictly true, or is it just that he gave Kerry a notoriously hard time? I don't recall Romano being actively anti-gay so much as anti-Kerry, in which the lesbianism just served as another target for his sniper rifle. At any rate, they all stifle laughter -- badly -- as Elizabeth bounds off the elevator. "Did I miss the dedication?" she asks, chagrined. "More like post-mortem payback," Carter chuckles. Elizabeth glances at the plaque, then does a huge double-take. "Oh my GOD," she gasps. Hee. Yes, there, I said it: Hee.

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