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Get Carter

Pratt checks out an x-ray with a hot nurse who invites him to dinner. "Do you like Moroccan?" she asks. "I'll eat just about anything," Pratt leers. Oh, my God. He might as well just wear a t-shirt that says, "I Was A Counselor At Camp G-Spot." He's interrupted in his wooing by the arrival of a twenty-year-old man who was tied to a toboggan by his friends and sent hurtling down a hill. He hit a tree, and he's frozen stiff. "He may have a spinal injury," says Sam. Pratt balks. "Maybe we should get Carter on this," he says. "What's wrong with you?" Sam asks. Rolling his eyes, Pratt follows her into Trauma Green and asks for a bunch of warming saline to heat up the Kidsicle.

Gallant and his medics show up at the site of a domestic-abuse call, and the door's locked, but they can hear all kinds of agony and aggression coming from behind it. Gallant wants to charge in there, because chivalry and heroism are built into his name, but the medics basically inform him that the Round Table only comes out for poker nights these days. They have to wait for the cops. "An EMT got shot last year going in without backup," one of them says. Gallant is incredibly frustrated, especially because he can hear a woman getting beaten.

Kem has nosed around and found an admission form, and she asks Frank a ton of questions about why they need two pages of demographic data, and where it all goes. Frank impolitely points out that she's asking the wrong person, because unless it goes in his stomach, he doesn't give a perogi. Kem wants to know how many people leave without being treated, and a listening Weaver rescues Frank by answering, "About 5%." Kem, by the way, looks like she's wearing what she slept in -- basically, a long-sleeved gray t-shirt and no bra. The girls are jiggling like twin Jell-O shots, and they are spiked, if you know what I mean. And by her standards of pregnancy, I am about seven months further along than she is. Carter's happy to see her, and they hug easily. Promising that her lab tour will happen soon, he sends Kem up to Luka's lecture, ignoring the fact that even Kem picked up on Luka's reluctance to have her there.

Elizabeth trots up to Weaver and disbelievingly asks how in hell Romano left money for the creation of a gay and lesbian treatment center. Weaver innocently smiles that it was a general donation, the use of which was left to the board's discretion. "This is one area where we felt County was truly lacking," Weaver says airily. Frank stares at her with respect and awe and intones, "Revenge is a dish best served cold," as Weaver cocks her head and flips her hair nonchalantly, as if nothing is odd here. Laura Innes rules.

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