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Get Carter

Amy wants to go home. Her face is purple from the bruising. Carter checks on Rudy, who's behind the curtain next door. He's physically fine, but a little emotionally scarred. Gallant quietly affirms that he called DCFS. Next, Carter bounces over to Kidsicle, who's feeling much better as he gets wheeled around. "Where's he coming from?" Carter asks Sam. "MRI," she says. "It's not my job to make sure your residents listen to you." Yeah, but if the residents have to defer to an Attending, wouldn't nurses be obligated to do so as well? Wouldn't she therefore be expected to check with Carter when there's a discrepancy in her instructions? Shut up, Sam. Go teach your son how to perform a lobotomy so that he can practice on you.

Sam flounces back to Reception, where she encounters Chuny and Abby. "I'm getting pretty tired of doctors thinking we work for them," Sam spits. But...seriously, don't they, sort of? I'm not implying they're subordinate, or trying to be rude, but I've seen them carry out doctors' orders a hundred times on this show, and that sort of gives off the vibe that the doctors are perhaps a little bit in charge. Forgive me for being dense. I just still don't get why Sam listened to Pratt and not Carter. Abby laughs that she's staying well out of this one. "And what is with Kovac and his holier-than-thou healing-hands routine? I'm getting pretty sick of that," Sam brats. Chuny grins that Luka's healing hands have their good points. "Right, Abby?" Chuny prods. Sam gapes at Abby, dumbfounded that she dated Luka. "Briefly," Abby shrugs. Yeah, and he asked you to move in with him, so way to downplay it. Sam's somehow shocked that Abby dated both Carter and Luka. "Abby's the ER slut," Chuny giggles. Hey, Chuny? We can see you inside your glass house. Put down the rock and take up gardening. Abby indignantly points out that she dated two doctors in five long years. Just then, Lester sneaks over and says in a low voice "Are we still on for tonight?" I like to think Lester heard this exchange and used his "sultry" tone in the hope of getting the ER slut to shine his apples. Abby nods at him. Sam and Chuny snort. "We're studying!" Abby protests, laughing. "And you shouldn't talk, Chuny." Sam whirls her head around, amazed. "Luka gets around," Chuny shrugs. She's mighty blithe considering she charged him with harassment once he dumped her sad ass. Abby winces at the callousness of this conversation and escapes as Sam digests all this, a bit thrown.

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