Great Expectations

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Great Expectations

Carol twirls her hair while Mark flips around the channels on the TV. She asks if she's boring Mark. I answer "yes" on his behalf, but he claims that she isn't. He asks if she wants just to talk. She says, "Sure." He asks what she wants to talk about and she says she doesn't know. Mark says, "Hey, the post-game show is on." Lisa comes in and asks how she is. Carol says, "I'm in love with the epidural man." Mark says he's going to go get a magazine, and call Elizabeth. Carol asks him to call her mom too, and Mark asks what she wants him to tell her. Carol says, "Just what you said -- one down, one to go." Pointedly, Mark asks, "Is there anyone else you want me to call?" Carol says, "No, not yet. I think he's still doing press for Three Kings." Mark asks if she's sure, and she says she wants to get through this first. As he starts to go out, the ultrasound starts chirping. Carol asks what's wrong, and Lisa tells her that they've just lost the signal. Carol asks where it went, and they quickly find it again. Mark says that the baby's above the umbilicus. Carol asks what that means, and he says that the baby could be rotating. Yeah, it's spinning in its womb at the knowledge of who its mother is going to be. Lisa says the baby's fine, and that its heart rate is 140. Carol looks relieved. Another nurse comes in, and Lisa tells her to clear an OR. Carol asks if she's going to need a Caesarean, and Lisa says she probably won't, but that if the baby turns breech, they'll have to "labour" her in the OR. Mark assures Carol that it's "just a precaution." She snivels, "Oh, man."

Elizabeth emerges from the bathroom. It seems that Rachel has had her first period. Holling gets that "Ohmigod -- Ladies' Things!" look and asks how that can be, since Rachel's only ten. Elizabeth says it's early, but not abnormal. Elizabeth says that one of them needs to go to the store, and asks if he wants to stay with Rachel. He blusters a bit about whether Elizabeth can't just hook Rachel up with whatever products Elizabeth has on hand, and she says she only has tampons, which are a bit daunting the very first time. VERY reluctantly, he agrees to go. Come on, Holling -- didn't you ever have to go on a rag run for Shelly? Elizabeth helps Holling bundle up and tells him, "There's a drugstore just on the corner," when what she really means to say is, "There's a Walgreens inside the elevator." At the door, he asks again what product he's looking for, and Elizabeth repeats, "Sanitary napkins," and adds, "Ask the clerk." Holling asks, "What if he's a guy?" Heh.

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