Great Expectations

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Great Expectations

In the lobby of Elizabeth's building, she hurries over to the doorman, who's sitting with Holling, who's holding some tissue up to a gash in his forehead. He took a bad spill on the ice outside the building, and tries to slough off Elizabeth's concern while simultaneously harassing the doorman into putting some salt out in front of the building. She tries to administer a quick neurological test by asking him if he knows what time it is, and Holling answers, "Time my ten-year-old granddaughter started her period." The doorman makes a quizzical face and books. Elizabeth says that Holling will need stitches.

Apparently the baby's "five-minute Apgar is eight." Unfortunately, I don't have the benefit of Sars's medical dictionary, so I don't know what that means. But I guess it's good; the baby looks a lot less blue and Carol asks to see her. Dr. Coburn says they've got some active bleeding. The anaesthesiologist arrives, too late to be of help since she delivered five minutes ago. Carol's still "boggy," and now is hemorrhaging too; the receptacle into which her blood is gushing has been helpfully placed right beside her head, the better for her to glance over and remark, "I'm bleeding out." Mark says it always looks like more than it is, then conversationally says he'll put in another line. Carol says she wants to see the baby. Mark says she will. Someone takes the baby to the nursery while Carol's blood pressure continues to fall and various machines start making unpleasant noises. A nurse says that the blood will be there in ten minutes (okay, I know it's the holidays, but TEN MINUTES to get blood to an OR?). Lisa says that they don't have ten minutes. Dr. Coburn tells Lisa to "open a hysterectomy tray." Over her mask, Lisa's eyes look startled. Carol says, "A what?" Mark asks if they're "there yet." Dr. Coburn quickly explains to Carol that her uterus is "atonic -- it's not firming up," and that Carol's losing a lot of blood in spite of all the medication they're giving her. Carol whispers, "Don't do a hysterectomy." Dr. Coburn says they may have to. Carol looks to Mark, who asks what else they can do. Lisa says that the uterus is still boggy, and that there's been another 500 cc's of blood loss. Mark begs Dr. Coburn to consider something short of a hysterectomy. Dr. Coburn snaps, "Yes -- losing the patient." Uh, do we get to vote on this? Mark asks if she can't clamp off an artery. Dr. Coburn says, "Please step out, Dr. Greene." Mark says that Dr. Coburn could at least try it, since it would only take thirty seconds. Dr. Coburn says that may be thirty seconds Carol doesn't have. Mark says, "She doesn't want it. She's a nurse. She understands the risk. Respect her decision." Carol continues to shake her head weakly. Dr. Coburn calls for an "O'Leary stitch." Mark tells someone to hold the transfusion. The screen fades to white, giving me a moment of blessed relief.

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