Great Expectations

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Wing Chun: D | 1 USERS: A+
Great Expectations

Lisa coaches Carol on the finer points of breastfeeding, suggesting that she tickle the baby's feet to wake her up for feeding time. Once the baby's clamped on, Carol grunts and says, "She's a barracuda." Lisa says the baby's a natural, and tells Carol to listen for the swallowing. Then she books and tells Carol the post-partum nurse will take over from here. Carol thanks her for everything. Lisa pauses at the door and delivers the tertiary-character praise that I guess is supposed to cancel out Meg entirely: "You were very brave." Carol says she doesn't know about that, and Lisa says, "Oh, trust me." On the way out, she wishes Carol a happy Thanksgiving. Carol continues to nurse and suddenly the other baby starts to cry. Oh, the tribulations she'll have. I wish I cared -- I really do.

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