Great Expectations

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Great Expectations

At this point, when the first episode aired, I predicted that there would be complications with the second baby, who would die. Really, that's the genius of having Carol pregnant with twins; people love to see a baby getting born on TV, but having two from a single mother in a single hour...well, let's just say that not for nothing is ER still the number one show on TV; someone at NBC knows from sweeps.

It seems that Lisa Miller has given up radio journalism and become an OB nurse. She takes a drink from a hallway water fountain, then greets Carol as she's wheeled in from the elevator. Weaver tells Lisa (who for some reason is going by the name Abby now -- but I don't care) that the second twin is "vertex and high," and that the bag -- presumably the amniotic sac -- is intact. Another nurse greets Carol as "Mom" and tells her that she needs to tag Carol and Tess. ["It really irritates me when doctors, strangers, etc. call mothers or pregnant women 'Mom' like they don't have names and identities of their own. I guess you get used to it if you have kids, which I of course do not, but I just find that whole 'Mom' thing really condescending." -- Sars] Carol asks if Tess can't stay with her, and Lisa explains that they'll warm her up and give her a bath, and she'll be back when Carol's second baby is born. Carol asks what if she gets hungry, because Carol is breastfeeding. Lisa says that they can "supplement a little bit." They get her into the new bed. Carol asks Weaver to go with Tess. Lisa and the other nurse tag mother and baby and Carol says goodbye. Lisa tells Carol that if the baby is high, it could take a while to do an ultrasound, and asks if Carol wants an epidural. Her voice breaking with relief, Carol says, "I can still have one?" Lisa says she can, and Carol says that if she wasn't sure before, she is now. Mark slips in and says, "Wimp." Carol wails, "Mark!" in this really insufferable whiny tone. Have I mentioned how much Carol whines in this episode? She does it a LOT. Mark kisses her on the cheek and says he heard he "missed the party." Lisa goes to call the anaesthesiologist. Carol says, "It's brutal," and Mark says, "One down, one to go." Carol says, "Uh uh -- I quit." Mark says he doesn't think she has much choice, and Carol suggests that he could shoot her. I'm down with that. She apologizes for pulling him away from his Thanksgiving dinner. Mark says, "I'd rather be here."

Back in Elizabeth's dining room, we can see why; Holling's busted out the WWII anecdotes. Rachel is playing Solitaire and Elizabeth is doing an excellent job conveying tolerant boredom. Holling starts mapping out the D-Day attack using the dishes of food to represent the various fighting forces. Holling says something about six thousand American casualties and Elizabeth says, "The Brits had their share too, didn't they?" and takes a long pull at her glass of wine. Holling winds up his treatise thus: "Then, instead of pushing forward and cutting off the Germans at Cannes, Montgomery, the British general --" Elizabeth says she knows who Montgomery is. Holling continues, "Montgomery sat on his ass and had tea." Rachel says she's going to the bathroom. Elizabeth points out that the British were fighting the Germans for nearly three years before the Americans, and suggests, "Perhaps they were just a little more cautious." Holling snorts, "'Cautious' is one word for it." Elizabeth says, "I suppose 'tea-loving' would be another." From down the hall, Rachel calls, "That's two words." Elizabeth yells back, "It's a hyphenate, actually," and takes another sip of wine. Holling launches back into his story. I feel her pain.

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