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Greene With Envy

As they walk down the hall, Corday explains to Scoopette, "No, it's not unusual -- it's a teaching hospital, and residents are here to learn." "So they're allowed to practice on patients," Scoopette says scornfully. Corday asks with a big, fake smile, "How else do they learn?" and Scoopette pointedly wonders aloud, "A bit tough on whoever [sic] they're learning on, isn't it?" Corday says patiently, "Residents are carefully supervised," but Scoopette observes loftily, "What I saw wasn't carefully supervised." Corday has had enough; she says she thinks Scoopette has seen plenty, and she shakes Scoopette's hand and says she looks forward to reading her article and bundles her onto the elevator. What point did Scoopette's snippy-ass presence serve, exactly? Corday doesn't have time to think about that, because she has to dash after Mark as he passes by and make a great show of saying, "Whew, thank God I got rid of her." Mark grumbles, "Yeah, you'd better be careful she doesn't turn up somewhere else, disguised as a surgeon." Huh? "Did she get in the way in trauma?" Corday asks, and Mark matter-of-factly says, "Yep." Corday points out that she didn't ask to serve as Scoopette's tour guide, and Mark points out that she didn't say no, either. He bustles off. Corday sulks. What. Ever.

Luka and Carol duel with syringes for the Patron Saint Of ER title. Okay, they don't really. Carol says she heard about Luka's "psych hold," and Luka jokes that he's really popular with the Psych department. Carol says they took Paulie upstairs for assessment, and maybe they'll hold him, but Luka doesn't think so, because he provoked Paulie in front of witnesses. Carol shrugs, "Well, maybe now she'll see what he's really like, you know?" Luka gestures with his water bottle and says disgustedly, "You don't think she knows? Carol, it's hopeless." Carol says, "Maybe not -- she didn't go upstairs with him. Lucy took her to the cafeteria." Luka: "Fingers crossed." Carol: "Yeah." Sars: "[Yawn.]"

Finch comes out and announces to the Broken-Nose Couple and Dr. Jacobs that they got David stabilized and sent him into surgery. She adds that he'll probably be okay, and they can go see him if they want to. The Broken-Noses thank Finch and shake hand all intensely; a nurse takes them upstairs, and Dr. Jacobs holds out his hand to shake Finch's also, but she walks away. He calls after her, "Dr. Finch -- you did well to catch that." She turns on him: "If we'd waited for the tests, we would have seen this; we could have operated in a controlled manner rather than having to rip an eight-year-old's chest open." Dr. Jacobs blows this off with, "We had no choice," but Finch argues, "I did. I shouldn't have let myself listen to you." She glares at him and walks away again.

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