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Greene With Envy

Carter. The hint. Never the twain shall meet, it seems, because he's gone up to look in on Brassy, despite her telling him in so many words to get bent. Carter asks a nurse, "How is she?" The nurse says Brassy is resting comfortably and tells him, "You can go in if you like." Brassy's eyes flicker open; she seems to see Carter, and she closes her eyes again, looking very tired. Carter leaves the ward.

Luka walks down the street. A car honks at him -- it's Carol, driving a gigantic gas-guzzling Cadillac. "Want a lift?" she asks. "In that?" Luka asks. Carol rolls her eyes: "It's my mom's. I had to pick up some stuff from work." Luka peers in at the car seat sitting on the passenger side and asks, "What, baby stuff?" Carol says, "Yeah," and Luka says hesitantly, "Okay," and he walks around the front to get in. For god's sake, just get them together already. It's not like we can't see it coming all the way from Chicago.

Toy store. Carlos sucking on his hand. Jeanie beaming. Reggie losing interest in the diaper display, scampering over to the baseball gloves, and suggesting that they "get him one of these"; Jeanie pointing out, "He's nine months old." Reggie taking a wind-up and saying that "it's never too early to start." Jeanie laughing. Reggie making siren noises with a toy police car. Jeanie asking the baby, "What do you think, Carlos? Do you think your daddy's silly?" Reggie funking out, "Pull over! Pull over!" Carlos looking, as usual, cuter than a button. Sars sighing "awwww" for the umpteenth time this episode.

Mark chases after Elizabeth at the El and apologizes "for being abrupt." "You mean 'rude,'" she corrects him, and he says, "Yes," and she says she'll think about it. Then Mark tells her she could apologize too, "for that crap about the head CT." Elizabeth pushes him in front of an incoming train. Woo hoo! Well, no, she doesn't, but she does splutter, "What? No way on earth am I going to apologize for that -- you put me on the spot!" Right on. Mark says, "Yeah, but I expected you to give the right answer." Um, Mark? Take that stupid, fugly-ass, Members-Only-clearance-rack, even-David-Hasselhoff-wouldn't-get-caught-dead-in-it short-sleeved jacket off and tie it over your mouth for the remainder of the season. Thank you. Anyhow. Corday remarks, "That Lawrence is still bugging you, isn't he?" and talks right over Mark's passive-aggressive objections with, "Just because he can diagnose something without having to order every test in the book?" Mark says that Hawkeye "might have some fancy moves in trauma" but he doesn't know how to function in an inner-city ER. I seem to remember your ass getting schooled by Hawkeye more than once today, Mark, so it seems like he can, and does, function in an inner-city ER pretty well -- better than you, in fact. Corday calls him on it: "You're afraid you might learn something." Mark bitches that Hawkeye is too slow -- he spends hours with each patient and then "ties up the residents chattering about the Radovici sign." "The what?" Corday asks, stepping onto the train. "You don't know about that?" Mark asks. "What is it?" she asks. Mark says flirtatiously, "I don't think I should tell you." Corday says, "Mark!" and grabs him by the lapels of his jacket -- have I mentioned the fuglyness of this item of apparel? Because it came straight from the pages of International Dweeb, no kidding -- and pulls him onto the train with her with a Giggle Of Giddy Foreplay. Icky-pants!

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