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Greene With Envy

Reese in his highchair. Benton tries to feed him; Reese doesn't want to eat anymore. Benton asks his sister if Reese looks like him. Jackie grumbles, "I hope not. He's got enough problems." Hee! Then Benton asks if he had a lot of ear infections as a kid, and Jackie says she doesn't know: "I was your sister, not your mother." Benton shoots her a mock glare as she adds, "You were a scrawny little thing, though, always coming down with something or other. No wonder you got into medicine." I have difficulty imagining Benton as "scrawny," but Benton seems satisfied by this answer. Jackie offers to put Reese to bed and nags Benton to clean up and dry the dishes. Benton picks Reese up and makes the "I love you" sign to him and hands him to Jackie, and he cleans up Reese's dishes and broods over the ear-infection thing some more.

Cut to a marina of some sort. Carol: "You live here?" Luka: "I told you it's on the water." Carol: "Yeah, but, I mean -- is it sanitary?" Luka: "Sure." Carol: "What do you do in winter?" Luka: "In winter I go south." Carol: "Like the birds." Sars: "Like the writing on this show." Luka: "Thank you for the lift." Carol: "Sure. See ya." Luka watches her waddle back to her car and says, "Sure," and he watches her lower herself into the driver's seat and lug her feet in behind her. Memo to the director: You might find the word "cut" useful on occasion. Just a suggestion.

Oh, man. Cut to, basically, Mark's nipple. Pan up to Mark and Elizabeth lying in bed. Together. Naked. ["Cut to Wing Chun, whimpering." -- Wing Chun] Mark explains the Radovici sign by fondling Elizabeth in the appropriate places, and adds that it indicates "increased intracranial pressure -- disturbances in the brain, which explains why you're working with Romano." Elizabeth, for reasons I couldn't begin to fathom, finds this genuinely hilarious, and she titters and hikes her tongue down Mark's throat, and they smooch with the lip mics turned all the way up. I think the show ended here, but I had to chase my EYEBALL across my APARTMENT after the sight of Mark and Elizabeth canoodling caused it to fall RIGHT THE HELL OUT OF MY HEAD, so if something else happened, I missed it.

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