Greene With Envy

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Greene With Envy

Peter "Gentle" Benton talks to his attorney at Doc Magoo's, telling him what Carla said about Reese's paternity. The lawyer: "Think she's lying?" Peter: "I don't know -- I wasn't with her twenty-four hours a day, you know?" He adds that Carla will probably use it against him, and his lawyer says that she can't; she could have raised the issue in the petition to determine parentage three months before, but since she didn't, "it's moot, it's not a problem." The lawyer then observes, "You put yourself through a hell of a lot for this," and says that Peter should make sure Reese is his by taking a DNA test. Peter makes the patented Benton Smirk Of Disdain and says no. The lawyer points out that Peter hired him to protect his interests, and "if you're looking for a way out, she just gave you one." Peter stares at him, looks down, then stares at him again.

Carol "Of The Sacred Heart" Hathaway stretches her aching back in a trauma room. A moment later, a gurney bumps through the doors and John "Chick Magnet" Carter announces, "We're gonna have to intubate." The paramedics help him hoist the patient on the table, and Elizabeth "Green Card" Corday bustles in and asks what they've got. Carter reels off the stats -- sixteen-year-old male with a single gunshot to the left chest -- and says he'll put in a chest tube if Corday will intubate. Meanwhile, Carol comforts the patient, Joshua, and hands Haleh his ID and asks her to call his family. Haleh looks at the kid's ID, a video card, and makes skeptical noises but goes to give it a try. Enter Robert "When In" Romano to quiz Corday on a rescheduled surgery; she says she had a cancellation, so she "moved up the mastectomy," presumably Elaine "Brassy" Nichols's. After a bit of bickering, Romano accedes to Corday and goes next door. Carter wants to sew in the tube, Carol calls the ICU to try to find a bed for Joshua, blah blah blah fishcakes. Carter aims for "subtle" but once again takes a wrong turn at "nosy," interrogating Corday about the mastectomy patient, and Corday confirms that it's Brassy; then Carter questions Corday's judgment in moving the procedure forward. Corday asks suspiciously, "Why are you so interested?" Carter, without looking up, blunders, "She's a friend, of the family." Corday: "Really?" Carter: "Mm hmm." Corday shuts him down briskly: "Then I shouldn't be discussing it with you, should I? Make sure you get a chest film." Word. Oh, and Carter? The fact that you slept with Brassy a few times does not give you power of attorney over her breasts, so mind your own damn business. ["In fact, that's exactly why she hired someone with less hands-on

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