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Greene With Envy
experience with her aforementioned knockers to make the objective decision over whether one or both of them should be removed." -- Wing Chun] Also, shut up. Corday leaves the room, snapping off her gloves, and Romano accosts her again, saying that the (according to Wendola, fictional) Chicago Gazette plans to send over a reporter that day, "mostly to do a puff piece on me, but they also want to take a look at the ER." Corday asks why he's told her this. Romano: "Well, because you're gonna show him around, show him what heroes we all are, how we save kiddies' lives, et cetera -- you know, blow my trumpet, Lizzie." Corday asks drily, "Wouldn't you do that better yourself?" Romano points out, "Look at you, look at me. Who would you rather spend an hour with?" Corday raises her eyebrows, then says, "You have a point."

Mark waves his finger around in front of the bike-accident guy and tells him to wear a helmet next time. The guy follows the finger with his eyes and grumbles, "Come on, Doc, gimme a break." Mark tries to scare him by mentioning fractured skulls and feeding tubes, and the guy agrees to the helmet just to shut Mark up. Boy, if that's all it takes, I think Wing and I need a couple of helmets too. ["I'd go as far as elbow pads too, actually." -- Wing Chun] BAG wants to know if he can go now. Mark says not yet, and tells Chuny the guy needs a head CT. As Chuny takes BAG's blood pressure, he asks about her badge, and Chuny calls it her "core values badge" and lists the values while Mark writes on BAG's chart and rolls his eyes, and BAG smarms, "All that and beautiful too -- you must be some kinda nurse." Chuny agrees, "I am." BAG asks Chuny, "Why doesn't Dr. Grumpy have one?" Mark slaps the chart down on the table and says with false cheer, "Guess I'm out of the loop." Not far enough, unfortunately.

Lucy tells a young woman she has a broken arm and they'll need some X-rays. The young woman, Loren, has a banged-up face also, and she closes her eyes wearily as Luka "Yes, I Think I'm Okay" Kovac asks, "Any other sign of trauma?" Lucy reports a contusion of the right shoulder, ecchymoses of the face and right hip (my Stedman's Medical Dictionary defines "ecchymosis" as a discoloration of the subcutaneous skin layer caused by ruptured blood vessels -- in other words, a bruise), and slight tenderness to the wrist. Luka makes an "I suspect foul play" face and asks Loren how far she fell. She says, "I'm not sure." Then he asks her how she landed, and she says sort of unconvincingly that she doesn't remember, and she apologizes. Luka tells her not to worry, "that's what we have X-rays for." Lucy lists the X-rays she'll order, and Luka says pointedly that they don't want to miss anything.

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