Hell And High Water

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Hell And High Water

Molly's room. We pan up from Molly's right leg, which is now in a cast from instep to just above her knee. Malik is pushing her bed as Molly tearfully asks Harper where they're going. Harper tells her they're moving her to "a nicer room." Molly calls for her lunchbox, and Harper darts back to grab it for her and set it on Molly's lap. As Harper tells Molly not to be scared, and promises to stay with her until they take her upstairs, Molly opens her lunchbox and fishes out a long string of brightly coloured beads. She tells Harper, "I made it in school." Harper tells her it's beautiful. Molly gasps, "It's for you." Harper takes it and thanks Molly graciously. "Ah! Very nice!" says Malik appreciatively. Aw. Harper is in the process of putting it around her neck when the bed convoy is met by Carter, and Molly's parents. Carter tells Mr. and Mrs. Molly that the plastic surgeon will be there shortly. Mrs. Molly briskly tells him that won't be necessary: "My plastic surgeon's on his way." Even as Molly is being wheeled into the elevator, Mr. and Mrs. Molly make with the bickering. Mr. Molly asks who she means. Mrs. Molly quietly says, "Fred." Mr. Molly whines, "Fred Mendoza? He'll cost a fortune!" Carter stands by, nervously trying not to get involved. Mrs. Molly turns on him and snaps, "It's only your daughter's face!" Mr. Molly crabs, "I hate him -- that's why you called him." Mrs. Molly reminds him, "He's the best in Chicago!" "For lopsided breasts," Mr. Molly mutters. OH NO HE DI'IN'T! Ha! Mrs. Molly hauls off and slaps him. Double ha! She stomps off. Carter and Mr. Molly watch her go, and then Mr. Molly confidentially tells Carter, "Touchy subject." Carter's like, "Leave me out of it," but you can tell he's laughing inside.

Park. The helicopter is still hovering as Doug does compressions on Ben's chest. Behind him, Joey's got a police officer -- who's carrying a flashlight and a blanket -- and is leading him to Doug and Ben. When Joey and the cop reach Doug, the cop asks whether Ben's okay. Doug tells the officer that mouth-to-mouth isn't working, because Ben's airway is blocked. Doug rolls Ben on his side, I gather to try to make him cough up whatever's in his throat, to no avail. The officer tells Doug that the paramedics should arrive "any minute." Doug tells the cop "that medevac 'copter will take" them. The officer informs Doug, "That's a TV news chopper." Damn journalistic vultures! Joey stands by, soaking wet and terrified, and cries, "Is my brother going to die?" "No, he is not! NO HE IS NOT!" Doug says emphatically. Doug rolls Ben onto his back, produces a Swiss Army knife from...somewhere, and holds it over Ben's throat. The cop asks what he's doing, and Doug explains that he's a doctor, and that he needs to clear Ben's airway. Thankfully, the director has enough sense to block most of what Doug's doing by putting George Clooney's big old head in the way. After he's finished, he asks the cop for a pen. The cop's all, "Huh?" because he's never seen a TV medical drama before. Eventually he hands one over, and Doug does that thing we've all seen a million times before, on a million hospital shows, where the doctor uses the empty tube from the pen to perform a makeshift tracheotomy. There are a tense few moments of Doug yelling at Ben to breathe, and then Ben duly coughs up some water and breathes. Doug picks Ben up in his arms, the blanket wrapped around him, and carries Ben through the park.

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