Hell And High Water

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Hell And High Water

Doug, Joey, and the cop emerge to the road; Doug's still got the unconscious Ben in his arms. Before we see them, we can hear the sirens of the emergency vehicles parked on the street. The camera pulls back as an ambulance rolls up; a helicopter touches down behind it a moment later. Paramedics hop out of the rig, and Doug gives them the bullet on Ben: "I got a twelve-year-old trapped in a culvert; possible fracture to the left lower extremity, so don't jostle him! [He sets Ben on the bed.] He's hypothermic, could cause an arrhythmia. I'm Dr. Ross, from County ER." He starts calling out orders for equipment of various kinds. Suddenly, there's a dude in a suit and trench coat there, saying he picked up the paramedic call, and asking what happened; he's the reporter from the helicopter, and since he's unnamed, I'll just call him Kent Brockman. Joey proudly declares, "He saved my brother! He's a doctor!" This is all the information Kent needs, apparently, because he immediately starts filing a report in the background as Doug continues to work on Ben. The paramedic (I'll call him Officious McProtocol) tells Doug that Ben is well enough to move, and suggests that they call Mercy. Doug stops Officious from moving the bed, yelling that Mercy is not a level-one trauma centre. Officious argues that it's the nearest treatment facility. Doug cares not: "This boy needs a surgeon, probably an ICU." Officious protests that they need to follow base-station protocol. Doug barks, "What's your transport time?!" Officious guesses it's between ten and twelve minutes. Doug turns his attention to Kent and asks after his helicopter pilot. Kent calls to "Jimmy." Seeing where this is going, Officious snaps, "Sorry, doc -- we gotta move." Doug holds the bed in place and yells, "Wait, wait, wait, wait!" Jimmy the pilot jogs over. Doug asks him his flying time to County. Jimmy says it's fifteen minutes, but that the chopper isn't equipped for medical transport. Officious is practically apoplectic at this point. Doug yells that Ben is hypothermic and needs special care. The paramedic reiterates that "Mercy's closer." Doug snips, "By three minutes, and he dies because there's no ICU." "Or else he dies in a news chopper." Doug finally loses it, yelling that he doesn't have time to argue, and that he'll take full responsibility for Ben's care. He turns to Jimmy and Kent and screams, "THIS BOY IS GONNA DIE!" Kent turns to Jimmy and exclaims, "Let's do it! It's a great story." Jimmy sort of shrugs and nods, like, "Okay, you've got a point there." Doug goes back toward the rig. Officious asks, "What are you doing?!" Doug says he needs supplies, particularly a portable defibrillator. Officious helpfully says he's got a spare. He starts loading Ben's bed with gear, ruefully telling Doug, "You're taking a hell of a chance." Doug shoots back, "Damn right. Let's go!"

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