Hell And High Water

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Hell And High Water

In the helicopter, Doug does compressions and instructs Kent as to how to bag Ben. Doug barks into his headset for Mark; getting no response, he snaps, "Where the hell's County?" Kent submissively says, "You told me to turn it off!" Doug tells Kent to reach County again, and tell them Doug will need a crash cart on the roof, immediately. Doug asks again how far they are from County; somehow the ETA is still three minutes. Doug angrily corrects Kent's bagging technique.

At the desk, Jerry hands Mark the phone; it's Morgenstern, who evidently saw Doug on the news and thought Doug's decision about the chopper was "kind of risky." There's a pause, and Mark tells Morgenstern that they're watching channel five at the desk. After a beat, Mark tells Jerry, "They're trashing us on channel eight." Jerry duly changes the channel as Mark assures Morgenstern, "Listen, you do not need to come in. Everything is under control." Suddenly he sees something at the ambulance bay doors that catches his attention, and hangs up the phone. On channel eight, a woman subtitled "Beth Mahoney, M.D., Medical Correspondent" is standing in County's ambulance bay and droning, "We have an unconfirmed report that resuscitation efforts may have failed. It's always a danger up there in that 'copter in the Windy City, and bouncing around with a child with hypothermia can cause a fatal arrhythmia." Mark realizes that "she's right outside," and disgustedly orders Jerry to turn off channel eight. Carol, walking by with supplies, spots Beth Mahoney at the door, and contemptuously metas, "Ugh, TV doctors." Mark tells Jerry, "Tell Security to escort Dr. Mahoney to a less conspicuous place."

Molly's room. Harper and Molly are playing Go Fish. Carter, followed by Benton, enters and asks how Molly's doing. She says her stomach hurts a little bit. Benton gently presses on her belly and tells Harper to get a CT of Molly's abdomen (along with her head), guessing that it's probably just a bruise from the accident. Carter asks Harper where Molly's parents are; she says they're in the coffee shop. Benton and Carter take off, but not before Carter breezily tells Molly he gets to play her next. Too bad Molly's already got a chess game booked later against an as-yet-unseen opponent. ["Luka?" -- Sars]

In the hall, a team led by Mark and Carol wheels a bed and crash cart. Before they can get to the elevator, though, they're intercepted by a phalanx of reporters, with Beth Mahoney, M.D. taking the lead. Mark shoves his way through them. When a reporter asks Mark to confirm or deny the story that Ben's resuscitation failed, Mark ignores her and tells Malik to get Security to escort the swarm of vultures to the press room. The elevator opens -- and I swear the guy in it is Yick from Degrassi Junior High -- and Mark enters with all his gear. Another reporter has time to ask whether Mark questions Doug's decision to take Ben to County by helicopter instead of to Mercy by ambulance, and Mark steels, "Not for a second." Right on cue, the doors slide shut.

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