Hell And High Water

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Hell And High Water

Roof. The helicopter touches down. The door opens. Mark and his team run over with the bed. Jargon. Procedure. Crash cart. Mark makes with the paddles while they're still outside on the roof, in the rain; Kent films and intrusively narrates the whole thing: "Chopper Five has just landed on the roof of County General. Doctors are taking out paddles. Several doctors are trying desperately to revive Ben Larkin. So far their efforts are failing." Kent screams, "Will he make it?" Everyone ignores him. They get a rhythm and move Ben inside, leaving Kent standing alone. "Damn," he breathes. To say the least.

County ER. The elevator doors burst open and Carol and Mark guide Ben's bed as Doug squats over him, still doing compressions. Mark exposits that they'll shock him again, and then try "rapid rewarming." They steer Ben into a trauma room.

Suddenly, the camera pans down the hall, following Benton, who's asking, "That little girl?" Carter explains that the "little girl" (and nice bedside manner, Benton -- it's Molly) crashed in CT: "Her pressure dropped and now she's unconscious." They get her back into a trauma room. Harper reminds Benton that Molly had said her stomach hurt. Benton guesses, "Could have blown a mesenteric clot." He tells Harper to go get O-negative blood. Lily pushes into...

...the next room, where Doug is begging Ben, "Stay with us." They shock him again. Ben's lips are purple, and there's blood spattered just below his chin from his tracheotomy. Carol says she's got a faint pulse. Doug resumes compressions. Jerry pokes his head in to say that those maggots in the press (only he doesn't say "maggots," but his meaning is clear regardless) are "going crazy" and want a statement. Mark sarcastically replies that they're a little busy right now, and tells Jerry to relay the message that Ben is "holding his own." Jerry leaves. Mark orders tests and asks Ben's core temperature: it's 82°. Mark orders heated, humidified oxygen. They run in heated saline, and Doug calls for lidocaine. Mark glances up at Doug, notes that he's "a mess," and tells him to go change into scrubs. Doug don't want no scrubs -- or so I surmise, since he completely ignores Mark. I guess Mark then happens to touch Doug's hand, because he exclaims, "You're freezing, Doug! Go get some coffee and warm up!" Doug continues working and acting as though Mark doesn't exist (and I feel him). Mark finally yells, "Hey! I need you here! Go change!" Doug takes off, bitterly reproaching himself: "I never should have put him on that damn chopper!"

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