Hell And High Water

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Hell And High Water

Molly's room. Carter is doing something tricky in the neighbourhood of Molly's neck. Starting a central line? You'd think I'd know this by now. Malik enters with blood. Mrs. Molly bursts in, fearfully asking what happened. Benton sensitively barks, "Get her out of here!" Mrs. Molly starts getting hysterical, squealing, "Somebody call my husband!" Harper has just finished telling Mrs. Molly that they think Molly has internal bleeding from the accident when Molly crashes (and Mrs. Molly can tell from the noise the monitor makes). Mrs. Molly screeches, "Molly!" and tries to fight her way to Molly's bedside. Harper and Malik shove her into the hall; Harper stays there with her, watching through the door. Carter intubates. The sound of the heart monitor doesn't change. Harper starts to cry.

Doug has changed into scrubs and is making his way past the desk toward Ben's room. Joey -- wrapped in a blanket and accompanied by his parents -- calls, "Dr. Ross!" "Hey, Joey," Doug says distractedly. Joey tells his parents, "He saved Ben!" Mr. Larkin asks Doug, "How is he?" Doug says it's too soon to tell. Mr. Larkin presses, "The news said his heart stopped!" Doug curtly replies, "It's going now," and enters Ben's room, asking how he is. Lily gives him Ben's latest vital signs. Morgenstern enters -- to claim a little glory for himself? Or perhaps I'm too cynical -- and asks how Ben is. Doug says, "He hasn't gone into D.I.C.," which I think stands for disseminated intravascular coagulation, a condition in which blood clotting takes place throughout the body instead of at the site of an injury. Morgenstern mutters that there are "reporters crawling all over this place like ants." Mark asks Ben's temperature; it's up to 85°. Doug says he's not warming up fast enough. "Heated pleural lavage?" Mark suggests. Doug doesn't think Ben's heart would take it: "We could bypass him, warm his blood directly." Mark agrees that it would be fastest, and perfunctorily asks Morgenstern what he thinks. "You're the Attending," Morgenstern tells Mark, and leaves. Then why did you even come in, Nosy Parkenstern? Mark tells Wendy to call a perfusionist with a bypass pump and a heating unit, and tells Lily to get Benton. Once again, we follow Lily...

...into Molly's room. Lily calls for Benton, but he tells her he can't go until he stops Molly's bleeding. He calls for a thoracotomy tray. Everyone springs into action. Mrs. Molly watches, looking terrified. Harper gently tells her that they can sit in the waiting room, but Mrs. Molly says she wants to stay. Harper insists that they have to go. Mrs. Molly covers her mouth and weeps, but allows herself to be led. In the room, everyone works on Molly. Lily briskly asks what happened, so that she can report back to Mark; Carter says she had an abdominal bleed, and coded. Lily's on the move again.

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