Hell And High Water

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Hell And High Water

County. Conni gives Mark "Exxon Baldez" Greene a chart for a Mrs. Riblet, who's "weak and dizzy all over." Mark makes some throwaway comment about how boring this case is going to be; then as he pauses in front of Mrs. Riblet's door and asks Conni, "Do you smell something?" She says she does. Mark pushes open the door to find the room totally full of smoke, with a little old lady sitting on the bed, puffing away on a joint. Of the pot! But grandma, that's a gateway drug! Next thing you know, you'll be saying you're shooting heroin in your eye to cure your phlebitis! Mark tells her that smoking isn't permitted in the hospital, but she explains, "This is my glaucoma medicine. My grandson grows it." She offers Mark a toke, but he politely declines, and Conni stubs it out in an emesis basin. Mark picks up Mrs. Riblet's baggie of spliffs and suggests that she put it away, so they don't get busted. Conni mutters, "Smells like primo stuff." Hee! "Yeah?" Mark asks, because he's a square and doesn't know, and Conni sighs, "God, I miss the '60s."

At the desk, Jerry dials up on what Harper "Emily Valentine" Tracy surmises is a new computer. Jerry brags that it has a CD-ROM. Aw. A CD-ROM. And dial-up. Wait, I guess some of y'all have dial-up, too. Which is sad. Jerry tells Harper that he's connecting them to Mt. Sinai, so they can pool their resources. The modem starts its distinctive whine and screech as John "Like a Surgeon" Carter rolls up behind Jerry, trailed by "I Dream of" Jeanie Boulet. Carter's evidently in the midst of a lecture, as he warns, "Dr. Benton goes nuts if you're late, or if you don't answer a page on the first beep. He's also got a pretty bad temper." Jeanie gives away nothing as she replies, "I'll have to remember that." Carter continues, "And never, ever, ever --" At this point, Peter "Private" Benton walks in behind them, so Carter lowers his voice to conclude, "...contradict him in front of an attending." Jeanie moves off, and Carter asks, "Who made brownies?" Jerry says Wendy Goldman made them. Damn, I was hoping Mrs. Riblet had brought them in, fortified with extra glaucoma medicine. Carter takes one; as he's biting into it, he sees Harper on the other side of Jerry and quietly says, "Hi." She looks surprised, and says "hi" back. Before they can mend the tattered remains of their relationship, Jerry curses himself and tells Harper that he thinks he deleted Radiology. She asks whether he backed it up; Jerry looks blank and asks, "Was I supposed to?" Okay, ha ha, but I find it difficult to believe that (a) Jerry wouldn't know his way around a computer by then; (b) that he would be in a position to delete Radiology from the entire hospital system; and (c) I am a nerd. Harper suggests that he try hitting Alt-Q. Wendy comes around the corner and says there's a ten-year-old female hit-and-run victim coming in. Benton distractedly asks, "Where's Ross?" Jerry says he's at a job interview, so Benton springs into action.

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