Hell And High Water

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Hell And High Water

Paramedics wheel in the victim and give the bullet: no witnesses, found unconscious, multiple facial lacerations, possible fracture to right lower extremity. Benton calls for someone to get Radiology down there. Conni asks her name, and Harper says her lunchbox reads, "Molly Phillips." They arrive at the trauma room. Benton calls for someone to call her parents. They get her on the bed as Benton exhorts them, "Let's learn something!" He asks Carter how to check for a spinal-cord injury on an unconscious patient. Carter says you look for an absence of deep-tendon reflexes. "Do it!" Benton says by way of confirmation. When she's unconscious and her face is covered in blood, that kid looks a lot older than ten. Benton calls out to Harper -- who's hanging back, clutching Molly's lunchbox -- what film they want first. "Chest?" Harper replies, but she doesn't sound very confident. Carter moves to Molly's foot and removes her right sock as he calls out, "I'd do a cross-table lateral to rule out a C-spine fracture." Carter then confirms that Molly's reflexes are present. Benton calls, "Harper, let's talk head trauma. What study should we do?" Harper hesitates, "Um..." Benton goads, "Come on, Harper! Pay attention!" Conni says Molly's pressure's falling. Benton asks, "What do you hear?" She doesn't hear anything, because she's several feet away from Molly, but put on the spot, she tentatively leans in toward Molly's torso with her stethoscope and stammers, "Diminished breath sounds on the right?" Benton snaps, "Is that a question or a statement?" Word. Carter clips, "I appreciate air movement bilaterally -- no pneumo." Benton corrects him: "No, Carter, that's upper airway sounds." Harper, more confident, adds, "I see a tracheal shift on the left." "So do I," Benton says encouragingly. Carter's face falls. "Tension pneumo," Harper concludes. Benton congratulates her: "Good call, Harper. I'll teach you how to do a needle decompression." Carter bitterly presses his lips together and tries not to cry out loud. Adding insult to injury, Benton dismisses Carter to "run the blood up to the lab." Carter stomps out to make a new entry in his courage journal.

Back at the clinic, a short bald dude is telling Doug that their urgent-care facility could use some work, and that most of the emergencies they get are on the order of sprained ankles and concussions. He adds that most of what Doug would be working on is ear infections. He concludes by blah-ing about private practice and PPO contracts and HMOs and insurance yada continuity commitment whatever, and would Doug like a job? Doug would.

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