Hell And High Water

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Hell And High Water

After the credits, Molly is stable. Benton, Carter, and Jeanie inspect her x-rays while Morgenstern sticks his nose in, opining that it's a "nasty break" and asking whether any of them wants to "take a crack at reading it." Carter nods and opens his mouth, but Jeanie beats him, smoothly saying everything exactly right. Morgenstern gives her props. Jeanie asks Benton, "Were knee and ankle films ordered?" Not meeting her eye, Benton mutters, "I don't think so." Carter's like, "Ix-nay!" Jeanie refuses to back down, pointing out, "With tibial-shaft fractures, knee and ankle films are necessary to rule out injuries from transmitted forces." Benton works his jaw. Morgenstern agrees, "She's right as rain, Peter. Order the films." Benton poutily stares straight ahead. Morgenstern calls Jeanie to join him and look at some particularly interesting films; she watches Benton for a few seconds, but when he continues studiously avoiding her, she gives up and books. Once she's gone, Carter leans into the spot she'd just vacated, and makes with the smirking and the gloating. Benton does his best to ignore him, too.

Mark's at the desk when Doug rolls in. Mark asks how the interview went, and Doug laconically replies, "Great." Mark asks, "What'd they say?" "They said I was great," says Doug -- a line George Clooney is probably still in the habit of delivering. Carol "Peachy Queen" Hathaway appears in the hall and asks Doug whether he got the job. Doug drawls, "Ninety grand a year and nobody dies. Alleluia, auf Wiedersehen, see ya 'round." He heads into the lounge. Carol and Mark exchange a look, and then Carol blinks and follows Doug to the lounge...

...where Doug is leaning his forehead against the side of his open locker door, and staring at the floor. When Carol enters, he straightens up with a sigh, but stares into his locker instead of looking at her. She asks whether he's okay, and he diffidently replies, "Sure." She asks, "This what you really want?" By way of answer, Doug asks, "Do I have a choice?" He slams his locker door and stomps out. Carol stands there alone, making a "whatever" face.

Molly's trauma room. She's waking up. Harper is sitting at her bedside, and gently says, "Molly? Do you know where you are?" Molly is still intubated, so she can't speak and shakes her head no. Harper tells her she's in a hospital, and that she was hit by a car. Molly's eyes go wide as they flick around the ceiling, and then she glances back toward Harper, whose hands are clasped at her chin. Molly reaches out for Harper's hand and tentatively touches one of her rings. Harper chuckles, "You like my ring?" Molly nods. Harper sighs, and says she knows Molly's scared, but that Harper will stay with her, and that Molly's parents will be there soon. At this point, Benton and Carter turn their attention back to Molly; Benton announces that it's time to extubate her. Everyone gloves up. Harper explains to Molly that they're going to take the tube out of her mouth. Carter tells Molly to pretend that she's blowing out the candles on her birthday cake; he tells her to take another deep breath and then, when he says go, to blow as hard as she can. He says "go," she blows, the tube comes out, she coughs, Harper cheers for her, blah. Benton instructs Carter and Harper to send Molly for a head CT, and leaves. Molly, her voice hoarse from the tube, whispers, "What's your name?" Harper doesn't hear, so Molly has to repeat the question. Harper tells Molly her name, and Carter's. Carter tentatively smiles at Harper, but Harper looks grim. I don't know. Carter looks away and beams down at Molly to make up for the dis.

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