Hell And High Water

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Hell And High Water

Desk. Carol's squinting at the screen and moving the mouse around. Mark rolls up and asks (rather pointlessly, is Mark) whether the computer's fixed. Carol tells him Linda did it, and then comments that he smells "like dope." He says he was with a patient, and asks whether the computer is "hooked up to Mt. Sinai." Carol says it is, and that she's "beating the crap out of them." Wah wah. She's playing Doom II! He watches over her shoulder for a minute, and comments that he's done "thoracotomies that were less bloody." He takes off as Jerry enters, and grins that Mark just doesn't understand the "educational value" of the game. Carol ignores him, growling at the screen, "Die, bastard, die! Come on!" The bastard dies.

A man and a woman (obviously Molly's parents) enter Molly's room and flank her bed. Mr. Molly asks how she's doing. She says she's fine, and delightedly exclaims, "I knew you'd come!" in a tone that makes it clear she wasn't so sure they'd come. Both parents lean in and plant kisses on Molly's forehead. Molly says she wants to go home, and Benton pipes up to inform her parents that she'll be in the hospital for at least several days. Having dropped this bomb on the family, he takes off. Mr. Molly pets Molly's hair. Molly squeaks, "Will both of you stay with me?" Mrs. Molly coos, "Of course we will, sweetheart!" "And Daddy? You'll come back to live with us?" Molly wheedles. Mr. and Mrs. Molly exchange a look across the bed. Mr. Molly's all, "Well...." and Mrs. Molly tells her daughter they'll talk about that later. Mr. Molly mutters, "How could you let her ride her bike in the rain?" As Mrs. Molly straightens up into a fighting stance, Harper hooks her hand into the crook of Mr. Molly's elbow and physically pulls him away from the bed. Mrs. Molly hisses, "Don't blame me for this." Mr. Molly, not looking at Mrs. Molly, continues, "Who else let her do it?" Mrs. Molly defensively spits, "I do the best I can!" Molly's gigantic eyes flick sadly between her bickering parents until Mr. and Mrs. Molly are standing practically chest to chest at the end of the bed, Mrs. Molly snapping, "Maybe if you spent more time with her, and less time at the office with Sarah --" Harper gets between them and interrupts, "The plastic surgeon will be here soon. If either of you have [sic] a photo of Molly, it would help him repair the laceration on her cheek." Both parents dig into their wallets, anxious to be more helpful than the other, as Harper exhales nervously. They each produce a snapshot and hold them side by side. "Same picture," Mr. Molly observes. Mrs. Molly adds, "Lake Geneva. Great vacation." Harper gently says she only needs one, and takes Mrs. Molly's. Both parents resume their positions on either side of Molly's bed, and Carter congratulates Harper on "handl[ing] that very well." Harper ruefully explains that she had practice, in her own family.

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