Hell And High Water

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Hell And High Water

Doug crawls out of the storm drain. He climbs a chain-link fence and runs through the trees. He gets to what he can tell is the top of the pipe, and paws through some fallen grass to find another grate (this one of wrought iron), through which the light he saw was shining. He leans over and calls Ben's name. Ben yells back that he can hear Doug. Doug looks around for something to dislodge the grate, eventually settling on a rock, which he uses to bash the lock holding the grate in place. He ineffectually bashes it with the rock for a while, and then finds a plank of wood he uses to try to pry it off. Also no good.

Doug takes the plank back into the storm drain. In his absence, the makeup crew has visited Ben; he's way whiter than he was when Doug left. Doug asks whether Ben's okay, and Ben shivers that he's "so cold." Doug asks him to wiggle his toes; Ben says he can't. Doug attempts cheer, saying that's okay, and tells Ben to wiggle his fingers instead. He grabs Ben's hand and asks whether Ben can feel him squeezing it; Ben says he can, a little. As Doug toils at the grate, he tells Ben to think warm thoughts: "Hawaii, the Sahara desert...." Ben, however, is starting to lose consciousness, his face drooping into the water. Doug notices and grabs Ben's face, splashing cold water in it and holding it up, demanding that Ben stay awake. Ben blinks blearily, and moans that he's "so tired." Doug says he knows, but that Ben must stay awake anyway. He suggests singing to keep Ben conscious, but Ben says he doesn't know any songs. Doug suggests "Take Me Out to the Ball Game," and they sing a couple of verses together as Doug tries to jimmy the grate. When it doesn't work, Doug tells Ben that he has to go get help. Ben begs Doug, again, not to leave him alone. Doug tells Ben to keep singing, as loud as he can, so that Doug can still hear him.

Doug runs back to his car, and gets a big flashlight, a crowbar, and a jack out of the trunk. As he starts to stagger back toward the park, a passing motorist honks at him in annoyance. Doug flicks the flashlight on and off to try to get the car to stop, but it doesn't. Joey runs back to Doug, yelping, "I couldn't find it!" Doug doesn't understand him, and Joey yells, "I couldn't find a phone anywhere!" Doug stares at him for a couple of seconds, and then hurls the jack through the front window of a store beside which they're standing. He tells Joey to go inside and use the phone there to call for help, and to stay there until help arrives. Joey looks like he's in shock, so Doug picks him up and places him inside the building. Joey springs into action.

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