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Here And There

Gallant approaches Crabby, who gazes disconsolately on the sleeping body of a soldier. "[He] woke up with someone's arm draped across him. Took out his dagger and stabbed it," Crabby says vacantly. "It was his own arm. It'd fallen asleep and he took it for the enemy." Gallant informs El Crabass that he's coming up against some resistance in his quest to help Jamila, and begs Crabby to extend her stay. The Crab won't; they can't spare the beds. Hi, Weaver! I didn't recognize you until you dropped the army talk. Crabby orders that Jamila must be gone by morning. When Gallant spies Beefy, he gets a cunning idea.

Cut to Neela grouchily taking a phone call at County. Her frowning face slowly registers warm delight as she listens. "Michael," she finally breathes, smiling sweetly. We fade to black so relieved that NBC cancelled Hawaii before this show did anything horrible like kill off Gallant. He and Neela are so cute. Please let him stay. Or at least keep him whole. Or, oooh, send him to Las Vegas so he can join the parade of hotties on that show.

Neela tries to keep her conversation with Gallant simple amid the buzz at the front desk. "What's going on?" Sam asks. "She's talking to Gallant," Malarkey says. I'm happy that Scott Grimes is still employed, but man, did I not miss this character. Luka makes his big appearance of the episode to exposit that it sounds like Gallant is asking Neela for help. He pretends he doesn't see me here, because anything else would be too painful and dredge up old feelings. It stings, but I understand, and I will always love him even if he didn't want to stay friends after the breakup. The County Gang asks questions and sends love to Gallant, Frank grouching that they've been yakking like teenagers, and that it's going to be covered by the poor, innocent taxpayer. Suddenly, Neela hangs up and leaves. Pratt's dumbfounded. He and Luka start to give chase, asking how Gallant is and expressing disbelief that she just ended the conversation like that. But Neela is on a mission, charging down the hall.

On his end, Gallant hangs up the satellite phone with a happy smile. After savoring it for a minute, he goes back inside the tent to check up on Jackson. "It's time to go home," Jackson nods. The right side of his face is bloodied still. And therein the scabs start to spell, "ALL BUT DEAD." Gallant smiles at how happy his friend's family will be to see him. Jackson points to a little figurine on his night table. He got it for his daughter a while ago. "She's gonna love it," Gallant says affectionately. The figurine gets up, crosses the room, and wraps itself in black gaffer tape it stole from the tech room -- figuring that it might as well get dressed for the funeral now, while it has time. Jackson chats idly about his hometown of Joliet, until Gallant's eyes begin to twinkle and he conspiratorially whips out the phone. "Make it quick, 'cause if you get caught I never knew you," he grins.

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