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Here And There

Neela barges in on Lieberman and Dubenko as they examine Doris, who presumably has had her hands reattached already. Neela wants to speak to them, but they point out that they're a little occupied right now, what with the massive sewing job they just had to do. Gripping a needle is just murder on the ol' carpal tunnel. "I'm sorry, this can't wait," Neela says firmly. Except it probably kind of can, Neela. The woman HAD NO HANDS a few hours ago. So sorry that she's in the way of your personal favor.

Gallant tries to make conversation with a quiet Perry, telling him that his flight will leave either that night or the next day. Perry remains silent, bitter. How could you be bitter in the face of someone so earnest as Gallant? Beefy arrives with a bottle of maple syrup for the Vermont-born Perry -- he raided some pantry or other to get it -- and Perry actually swigs it right from the bottle. That's my kind of man. The mailman arrives with a pile for Gallant, and the syrup seems to have spurred Perry into chattiness, so he asks who wrote Gallant. "My folks," he says. Then he smiles privately and adds, "And a friend." Perry acknowledges how valuable those letters can be.

Crabby interrupts to tell Gallant that his scheme worked, and that Dr. Lieberman at County General is underwriting Jamila's care. I wonder how the hell they got him to agree to that: "What? I ought to? Well, my tee time isn't until 11, so I guess you're right, I can probably take on a charred Iraqi girl. Put it on my black Amex!" Crabby pulled some strings to get the State Department and the Army to approve it, and makes sure Gallant knows it. But you can tell he secretly admires Gallant's resolve. As does Lili, who watches him with lust dripping from her lips and eyes. Delighted that Jamila will leave on the next chopper, Gallant tries to compose himself. "Good news?" Lili asks. Gallant lets out a whoop, runs over, and hugs her tightly. She is thrilled. Biting her lip suggestively, she purrs that she has two Heinekens under her bed, and would he like to crack one to celebrate? Presumably before they collapse on top of the bed and get foamy their own special way. "We're here, you know?" she drools. "Gotta hold onto the good stuff." Gallant is clearly the good stuff Lili wants to cling to, and I must say I applaud her taste. Gallant sort of starts to process what she's probably asking, and agrees. But they're interrupted with news that Jackson is crashing.

When Neela gets home, she hears loud blues music playing on the stereo and tosses her mail on the table before investigating. There is a letter from Gallant. I had thought they abandoned the letter construct to symbolize that they were starting to live their lives where they are and not through writing to each other, but it turns out I overthought it, and really, they were just done writing and had to pop it in the mail. Makes sense, except for how fast those letters got where they were going. I know from experience dating a Navy boy that the military isn't so good at getting mail back and forth on time. Ray's friend Bret wanders out of the bathroom in a towel and claims that the hot water is out at his place, so Ray told him to shower there. He then turns the music down and offers Neela a drink. In her own apartment. She refuses, but then thinks better of it and accepts the cute shirtless man's offer of sweet, sweet alcohol. Well played, my girl, even if the booze probably belonged to you in the first place. Bret starts up some small talk about music as he slowly buttons his shirt, which...well, I'm sad to see his chest go, especially since I only saw Luka once this hour and it was so quick and he wouldn't look me in the eyes.

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