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The ER staff performs triage. Mark finds Mrs. Palmieri, who's clutching her bag and whining, "It's just a game!" She asks when a nurse is going to take her up to see Mike, and Mark explains about the change of plans. As Benton accompanies another football player to trauma, he realizes, "I'm never going to get out of here," spots a med student named Ryan, and calls him over.

Mrs. Palmieri strokes Mike's leg as Mark explains, "This is the little needle to numb you for the big needle. You're a tough guy. You can take it." Mike says he can't believe all this fighting started over him, and Mark offers, "You're a popular guy!" Uh. Is Mark coming onto Mike? Dude, I know your girlfriend gave you poison ivy, but she's standing right there. Mrs. Palmieri quavers that Mike looks "so pale," and Elizabeth gently suggests that she might want to wait outside. Something starts beeping. Mark and Elizabeth exchange a look, and Elizabeth quietly says, "Haleh." She ushers Mrs. Palmieri out, just before mother and son say their "I love you"s. Aw. Mike is pale, though. He doesn't look so good. And, very rapidly, he starts to look really bad. Oops, Mark did it again. He messed with Mike's heart.

At the gate, Carter fusses with his clothes. Ryan the med student arrives to pick him up, and says that Benton sent him.

As the staff continues performing triage, Chen wanders up to B.B. and sees that he's not breathing. Long story short, he took all the drugs in the baggie.

The machines attached to Mike are still beeping. And the heart of rock and roll is still beating. Mark claims that Mike has "weird anatomy" (hey, is that a technical term, like "blue dead"?). Mike's blood pressure drops, and Mike starts having a heart attack. Elizabeth realizes that Mark transected Mike's coronary artery. Yeah, MARK. "Weird anatomy," my ass. Elizabeth condescends that it's a common complication, but Mark won't let her give him any direction (and why would he? She's only a surgeon) and finally calls for a thoracotomy tray. He got lost in the game. Oh baby, baby.

Luka stampedes into a trauma room as Chen intubates B.B. She asks who Florence is; Luka explains that Florence is Mrs. B.B.

In the next room, Mike's chest is good and wide open. I'm sure that's really safe in a room full of god-only-knows-how-old trash. They do internal compressions. Haleh warns them, "We've got a crowd." Sure enough, all of Mike's teammates and well-wishers are playing looky-loo at the windows; Mark tells Haleh to close the blinds.

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