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Ryan chauffeurs Carter to the hospital, babbling about how interesting the ER is, that there's never a dull moment, that he used to be interested in surgery, but now he may have changed his mind. Carter's all, "Leave me alone with my pain. I mean, yeah. Right."

Mike continues to die, because of Mark's incompetence. He goes into v-fib. Mrs. Palmieri watches through the glass and Mark basically tells Haleh to get rid of her. They shock him internally. Elizabeth calls, "Clear..."

...and we cut to B.B., looking all grey. He's asystole. Chen suggests that they try "overdrive pacing," but Luka says that B.B.'s been down too long, and calls the time of death. He tells Chen to take B.B. downstairs and make sure he's put next to his wife. Dr. Dave bursts in to ask whether they're done with the room since he's got a stab wound to the thigh. When I disappointedly note that his leg isn't bleeding at all, I figure he means he has a patient with a stab wound to the thigh. Oh, well.

Mark's still shocking Mike. It doesn't sound good. Elizabeth suggests, "Someone ought to prep the mother." Mark won't give up. Elizabeth offers to talk to Mrs. Palmieri, but Mark says that he should do it. Mark calls Chen in from the next room to do compressions. Elizabeth tries the paddles again.

Mark shoves his way through the crush in the hall. A cheerleader stops Mark to comment, "Brrr! It's cold in here! I said there must be incompetence in the atmosphere!" ["Mark Greene sure ain't number one!" -- Sars] She follows him to chairs and totally eavesdrops on him as Mark makes his way to Mrs. Palmieri and gently tells her, "We've -- we've had some complications....The needle poked the artery that supplies the blood and oxygen to Mike's heart, which caused him to have a heart attack." Right, Mark. The needle poked the artery. It was moving as if of its own volition, not at all propelled by, oh, say, you. People don't kill people -- needles kill people. Mark continues: "We opened up his chest to repair the artery, but his heart has been deprived of oxygen for too long, and it wasn't beating. We're giving him intravenous drugs and shocking his heart. There's been no response." Mrs. Palmieri snarls, "What does that mean? What does that mean?" Mark admits, "We might not get him back. He could die." Mrs. Palmieri says that Mark told her the procedure was simple and that Mike would "sail through" it. Mark lamely offers, "This is an exceedingly rare complication." Mrs. Palmieri doesn't care: "You fix my son!" Mark hops to it.

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