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The kids overhear Mrs. Palmieri's yelling and try to get answers from Mark as he wends his way back to Mike's trauma room, where Mike is still in v-fib. Haleh asks how long they're going to go, and Mark says, "Until he has irreparable brain damage. I mean, until I say 'stop.'" Okay, he didn't say the part about brain damage. Mark sends Chen for epi.

When Chen pushes her way into the hall, the eavesdropping cheerleader (which is incidentally one of my favourite of Puccini's operas) tells a football player, "The doctor told Mike's mom he was going to die, purple monkey dishwasher." The football player goes all Red Ross, focuses on Fifty-Five (who's all doped up and reclining in the hall), jumps on him and pulls him off the bed. My god! There is a bone sticking out of his leg, 'Roid Rage! Anyway, a full-on riot breaks out. And glass breaks. I hope you were sitting down when you read that last part. Dr. Dave gets punched in the face and beaned by a flying helmet. Weaver climbs up on the desk and beats on a couple of football players with her cane. Chen makes it through the fight with the epi just in time for...yes...another window to break. They get a rhythm. Mark beams, but he's not. That. Innocent.

Ryan drops Carter off at the ambulance bay just as a fleet of cop cars squeals in. He asks Carter whether he's coming in, but Carter says he's going to get in his car and go home. They shake. Carter listens to the sirens, watch as more cop cars and ambulances pull in, and then goes all Felicity, walking off in slow-mo.

Pooh: Scenes?
Wing Chun: They never show scenes from next week on CTV.
CTV: Stay tuned to CTV for scenes from the next ER.
Djb: I'm blind, and even I could see that coming.
Wing Chun: Dang it!

Next week: Chen tries not to cry. Carter goes to AA and runs into Lisa. Benton and Carter greet each other awkwardly. Weaver and Mark allow Carter back on a limited basis. Carter thanks them. Why is he dressed up like a Mormon? Is that the thirteenth step no one talks about?

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