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Mark scuttles over to Dr. Dave, who is applying something to the arm of a man wearing a chicken hat. Dr. Dave asks after Mark's jock itch, and Mark scolds him for leaving the med students unattended. Whatever. Dr. Dave tries to foist them on Finch, who's having none of it. She joins Benton beside the bed of Mr. Fletcher, whom Sars correctly identifies as someone we've already seen on the show as a kidney patient. Benton scolds Mr. Fletcher for not taking adequate care of his dressings. Finch asks Benton how the meeting went. Benton says that Romano rescheduled again; Finch asks what's wrong with Romano, and Benton mutters, "He's a maniacal sadist." "What did you call me?" growls Mr. Fletcher. Benton snaps, "Not you, Mr. Fletcher." As Dr. Dave drones on to the poor med students about the charting system, Finch flicks her head toward the group and comments, "What's wrong with this picture? Those med students -- not a black face in the bunch." Benton glances up and grunts noncommittally. Finch asks, "That doesn't concern you?" Benton says that he doesn't consider five med students to be a representative sample. Finch huffs, "I'm glad you take such an active interest," and flounces off. Mr. Fletcher groans, and Benton tells him to hold still. Mr. Fletcher asks, "She your wife?" Benton quickly replies, "No, no, no, no." Mr. Fletcher notes, "She talk like she your wife." "Yes, yes, yes, yes," Benton agrees, and they both laugh. Heh.

Lisa brings B.B. a chair. He silently stares at Mrs. B.B.'s face. Lisa says that someone will come to take Mrs. B.B. to the morgue, but that it could take a while. B.B. still doesn't say anything. Lisa asks whether he has a funeral home in mind, and offers to call. B.B. says that his wife took care of that and that he doesn't remember the name. Lisa says that she'll call if he remembers the name. He asks whether he may stay with Mrs. B.B., and Lisa says that he may stay as long as he likes.

Lisa walks out of the room and into a storage room, where Luka is checking something against a slip of paper in his hand. She: it was good of you to work on his wife. He: part of the job. She: he could be worse off if he thought he was responsible. He: he does; he's alive, she's not. She: [awkward segue alert] I wonder how long they were married, hint hint. He: forever, probably. How long have you been married? She: I'm not. I'M NOT! I SWEAR! TAKE ME! He: I thought someone said you were married. She: I was, but my divorce just became final last month. So I'm single. Totally single. And ready to mingle. With you. And by "mingle" I mean "fuck." He: I'm sorry about your divorce. She: don't be; I'm not. He: is Lockhart your name or his? She: his, but I'm keeping it, since it's the only good thing that I got out of the whole mess. He: what was your name before? She: Wyczenski. He: yeah, Lockhart's better. Haleh: Where's Mark? Lisa: Either off scratching his nads, or in sutures. Haleh: Weaver's looking for you. Lisa: d'oh!

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