How The Finch Stole Christmas

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How The Finch Stole Christmas

Cleo walks down a hall with her suitcase and finds Chad sitting on a bed in his hospital gown and staring out the window at the falling snow. She lets herself into his room and sits down beside him. Chad doesn't look at her. A piano plays "Silent Night." The two of them just sit there without speaking, looking at the snow. Huh?

In the lounge, Carter admires his Big Sack o' Guns and feels pleased with himself. "Quite an arsenal," Kerry comments while pouring herself coffee. Carter relates that, after he'd given away all the Secret Santa gifts, he started writing checks. He mentioned earlier that he promised people replacement gifts for the ones he'd given away, and now he's giving people money -- does this mean Gamma has let him back into the trust-fund fold? Anyway, Kerry tells him to call the police and get them to pick up the guns, and Carter says he already has; Yosh runs in as Carter is stuffing the gun-sack into his locker and announces the arrival of a double trauma.

Out in the hall, Carter gets the bullet from Doris, who wheels in a seventeen-year-old GSW to the thigh, name of Hank Lohman -- the same guy who shot Sparks earlier. Carter asks, "Did you say 'Lohman'?" Kerry tells him to take the next incoming trauma, and Carter goes to meet the gurney, which carries a seven-year-old with multiple gunshot wounds to the chest and abdomen; the paramedic says the kid had a pulse in the field, but they lost it on the way to the ER. Apparently, the kid took a bullet aimed at Lohman -- his neighbor -- while opening his Christmas presents. Carter starts to work on the kid, but when he examines his head, he finds a GSW there too. "There's grey matter all over this backboard," Carter says flatly. "He's dead." Carter walks wearily out of the trauma room while the sound of the flatline whines in the background.

In the OR, Peter, Romano, and Lucy start up the L-VAD device, and it works. Lucy comments on how loudly it runs, and Romano says that BHG will get used to it. Then Romano notices Peter's "munchkin" outside, and Peter turns to see Carla "Away In A Mangy" Reese standing in the hall, holding Reese. Peter asks to scrub out, and Romano gives him guff: "Oh, first you want in, then you want out -- yeah, yeah, I know, I know, it's Christmas, go on, get the hell out of here." Peter sprints off. Romano offers Lucy the chance to help him close, and she eagerly accepts.

Peter bursts out of the OR area and apologizes to Carla, picking up Reese and giving him a kiss. Reese has on a reindeer hat that is really, really cute; I have a similar cat hat my own self. Anyhow, Carla, whose hair looks like the head of a penis after a run-in with a waffle iron, mutters, "Save it, Peter. It's nothing I haven't heard before." She walks away, and Peter says to her retreating back that it's the holidays and they could at least try to act civil. Carla turns around, whips off her scarf, and says coldly, "You want civil? Fine. Thank you very much for ruining my life." When Peter wants to know what that means, she walks back towards him and says, "Roger and I aren't moving to Germany anymore." Apparently, Roger asked for time off for the custody hearings, and as a result "his boss decided he wasn't promotion material after all." Well, Carla, the fact that he married your ugly ass doesn't say much for him, but whatever. Peter doesn't know what to say. Carla says she's sure he doesn't. Peter says he's not sorry that Reese gets to stay here with both his parents. Carla sneers, "Whatever, Peter. You won. Merry Christmas." She stomps off. Peter hugs Reese and whispers, "I won."

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