How The Finch Stole Christmas

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How The Finch Stole Christmas

Haleh gives Carter guff about his "Santa performance." Carter snorts, "First and last," and Haleh hands Carter a GameBoy for Malik, saying she didn't want to hear Malik bitching if he didn't get it. Carter tells her, "You're a good woman, Haleh."

Carol on the phone, telling her mother all saintly-like not to come down to the ER: "There's no need to ruin your Christmas too." Luka comes up just then and Carol asks him about Kate's labs; he says the urine is negative and the white count is basically normal. Of course, Carol seizes on the "basically" part, and Luka tells her that the result is within the normal range, but Carol wants the lab to run the test again manually. Luka says he'll call and find out if they can do it. He asks how she's doing. Carol says she's exhausted, and adds that she can handle forty patients in one shift but can barely manage two infants. Luka says heartily, "Welcome to parenthood!" Sars says heartily, "Shut up!"

Lucy calls Robert "It Came Upon The Midnight Short" Romano at home and gets reamed, then hung up on, for doing so.

Carter runs into Sparks in the hall. Sparks wants his gun back. Carter walks past him and says, "Your gun is now the property of the Chicago police." Sparks grouses that he got it as a Christmas present for his little brother. Carter stops and asks incredulously, "You were gonna give him a gun?" Sparks shrugs, then complains that it cost him "some serious dollars," and when Carter asks how much, Sparks says, "Forty. Now give it back." Carter says he can't, and winds up giving him Malik's GameBoy instead, for which Sparks is not properly grateful, snapping, "Yeah, whatever," but he opens the box and eyes the GameBoy on his way out, leaving Carter (and the wrapping paper) in the hallway. Carter yells after him, "Merry Christmas!"

Cleo and the social worker have pretty much the same discussion about Chad that they had two episodes ago. Cleo repeats that CM obviously cares about Chad, but he needs more than that, and the social worker repeats that CM's own alcoholism only factors in if it interferes with her ability to cover Chad's basic needs. Cleo asks, "What if she buys his alcohol and drinks with him?" The social worker wonders if Chad told Cleo that, and Cleo says no, CM told her that "in so many words." She did? Because I don't remember her telling you anything of the kind. In Chad's room, CM strokes Chad's face.

Peter, scrubbing. Another doctor asks if Peter consented Elderly for surgery. Peter says he did. The doctor tells Peter, "Better get in here." In the next room, Elderly tells Peter he doesn't want surgery. Peter says he needs it in order to live, but Elderly says he isn't afraid to die; he saw his dead wife, white light blah blah blah long tunnel blah blah blah hallucination due to endorphin rush blah blah blah fishcakes. Elderly insists that what he experienced was real. Peter tries to reason with him. Elderly won't hear it. Peter looks frustrated.

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