If I Should Fall From Grace

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If I Should Fall From Grace

Romano and Benton burst out of the OR after tweaking Jeremy. "Think that kid'll ever wake up?" Romano wonders cheerfully. "I don't know," Benton says flatly. Romano cracks that Benton's scaring him by not acting his usual jolly self. "You haven't developed a drug addiction or drinking problem like the rest of your misfit [pals] in the ER, have you?" he smirks. "No," Benton sighs. "Give it time," cracks Romano. That man is a slice of heaven. Fortunately for Benton, he's shredding his contract just in time. Jacy pops by and tells the wacky docs that Mrs. Norris awaits word on her son. Romano totally doesn't want to deal with it, so he's relieved when Benton offers. "Have you tracked down my sister yet?" he asks Jacy. "I left another message," she says, miraculously unpeeved by this gross misuse of her services.

Mrs. Norris rises when she sees Benton approach. "How is he?" she quizzes desperately. Benton shares that he tied off the bleeding vessels, but that the neurosurgeon is still working on the brain swelling; from here, it's a waiting game, which must be a popular cliché in the ER, given that Susan said the same thing when meningitis felled our fair Fraulein. "Waiting to see if he wakes up, [or] to see if he's a vegetable?" Mrs. Norris asks plainly. Yes, and yes. "They've got to be able to do something," she wails, dropping the "he's all I've got" card on the table and daring Benton to beat her hand.

Gallant follows Mark around like a puppy. No! Latch onto someone, anyone, other than Mark! You're still pure! "Ever gotten an arythropoeitic porphyria?" he asks. "Nope," Mark says charismatically. "What about a porphyria cutanea tarda?" Gallant wonders, and here, I think he really speaks for all of us. "Nope," Mark says. He needs to get out more. For that matter, so does Mr. Multisyllable over there. Gallant next queries Mark as to his most unusual case. "I had a guy with a live bullfrog in his ass once," Mark muses. Feh. That's just nature. Gallant gobbles this up, though, tailing Mark through the hospital, mercifully oblivious to the desperate look Mark shoots Susan. You know, Gallant is certainly relentless, but he's not as vile as Lucy Knight. He's being peppered throughout the episode instead of dominating it, and that's much more appropriate than Lucy's first foray into my cold, coal heart. Suddenly, Mark spies a patient and becomes inspired. "Ever seen a patient scratch through his skin into the bone?" he asks. Gallant hasn't. And, ew. "We figure he'll hit gray matter by spring," Mark says, gesturing to a man perched in the hallway and bleeding from the head while Carter's patrician grandmother reorganizes her purse in a snuggly, clean bed. "Mr. Elden? Show the young med student your itch."

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