If I Should Fall From Grace

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If I Should Fall From Grace

Luka checks on David and finds the ever-avid Gallant testing his pulse ox. We're treated to the gag-worthy extubation process, which involves yanking a very long plastic tube from the man's throat and making him choke and cough. "When I say blow, blow as hard as you can," Luka instructs. I'm sorry, everyone. I really am. I physically cannot keep my mind from wandering down dark and naughty avenues of sin. I guess I keep hoping to bump into Romano. Very tasty. David rasps, "I'm...sorry..." Drool glistens on the corner of his mouth and the noose bruise glows angrily on his jawline. Gallant shares with Luka that David doesn't want them to report him to the cops because he's still got hordes of old pals on the force. "I have to," Luka says curtly. David starts to freak out, but Gallant assures him that things will end happily and bolts after Luka's exiting figure. "His wife died last year. Breast cancer," Gallant exposits. Luka looks up from his paperwork, but doesn't react. "He was a respected and decorated officer," Gallant presses. "The only reason he took [the mall] job was so he could still be out there helping people." David apparently blinks in Morse code, because up until two minutes ago, he had a conversation-inhibiting tube jammed down his throat. Gallant hopes this information will make Luka more sympathetic to the man, but Luka reveals nothing and simply orders Gallant to keep an eye on David's vitals and call for a Psych consult.

Grace registers a 100.8-degree temperature. "Feels like 108," she groans. Carter announces that she's a bit anemic, and she grabs her chart while spouting the factoid that 40 percent of menstruating women are. Carter rushes ahead with his diagnosis that she's simply overworked and badly rested. "Time to pick a career," he tells her; meanwhile, she's sitting in her hospital bed with a textbook and highlighter, insisting that she won't forego medicine and therefore must study law in order to snag her parents' cash. Grace hasn't heard of student loans. Grace doesn't have my sympathy. "If your parents are attorneys, how come you have no health insurance?" Carter asks casually. "Let's just say I have a sad and complicated relationship with them you couldn't begin to understand," Grace sighs. Carter understands, though. Maybe she'll be Carter's bastard sister. He tries to finagle a promise to rest, eat right and resist caffeine, but Grace won't commit because of her schedule. "I haven't had eight hours [of] sleep in months," she sighs. "Think you could get me some Halcyon?" Carter is loath to agree. She oozes rationality, explaining that she just needs to go home and crash and write off the day; then, she playfully bribes him with the reminder that she diagnosed Gallant's patient. Reluctantly but respectfully, Carter writes her a prescription but makes her swear to change her habits. Grace's eyes darken with deception as they flicker across the prescription. "Cross my heart," she says insincerely. For his big finish, Carter quizzes her about medical trivia and is impressed when she answers correctly. Grace is way too self-satisfied for my liking, plus the actress rushes through her lines. There's nothing endearing about her, so I find myself wishing she'd pass out and leave us all alone.

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