If I Should Fall From Grace

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If I Should Fall From Grace

The Beav strolls into Grace's room. "What do you want?" she sighs. Pleasantly, The Beav admits he overheard her fretting about a pathology exam, and proffers a related textbook for her perusal. Grace brightens and scoots upright, apologizing lightly for her earlier rant and ascribing it to stress. Somehow, she's forgotten that everyone knows she has bigger problems. Ah, drugs. Thank you for the sweet fog of amnesia. The two book lovers bond over medical conditions, and all is well in the land of the wonder children.

Benton perches on a cold table. A friendly nurse identifies him as "Mr. Benton," so he must be at a different hospital, and reveals that he's there for his DNA test. "Don't worry, it's painless," she says, the larger implication being that it's not so devoid of agony if it causes him to lose Reese. The camera stays on Peter's face while he opens wide and lets her swab his cheek. There's a really quick cut, as fast as a flicker of Benton's eye, to the nurse putting the Q-tip swabs into a safe container; then we go straight back to Benton's face. "All done," she smiles. "That wasn't so bad, now, was it?" Meta, meta, double-meaning, meta. Benton's visibly nervous.

At Gamma's manse, Susan perches on a poolside bench while Carter teeters along the edge of the water, dipping his shoe-clad foot into it. Fun? Not so much. "I can't believe it," she exhales. "Fentanyl!" Carter smirks, "If you're going to abuse drugs, abuse a good one." Susan is shell-shocked to hear what Carter's been up to, sitting quietly on the bench swaddled in a smashing Burberry wool coat. Burberry is this year's iBook. It's everywhere. Next week it will be on lab coats, gurneys, and puke buckets. Carter proclaims that he's been sober for more than a year, but when Susan translates that into conquering his cravings, Carter shakes his head. "I wouldn't say that," he admits. She peers up at him, and Carter smiles ruefully, certain she's disappointed in him. "No, no!" she insists. "I'm were stabbed!" Carter sits down next to her and brave-little-toasters, "Twice." They giggle like fourth-graders who want to figure out how French kissing works. "Can I see your scar?" she twinkles. "No!" he protests. Susan: "Why not?" Carter: "Why?" Susan: "Don't be bashful." Carter: "Get your own!" Susan laughs loud and long, which ends up sounding a bit forced. She's aiming for flirty puppy love, I think, and missing. "Why do I feel like a schoolkid sitting out here?" she wonders. Carter clears his throat and wiggles out a bit further on his limb. "Must be the adolescent sexual tension," he offers. "Mmm, that's it," she nods. They both gulp and get tingly. There're plenty of sidelong glances. Carter mulls asking her to the prom. A paper airplane flies by, and the teacher kicks Joey out of study hall for being a nuisance. "You know, I used to have a crush on you," Carter confesses, surprising no one, not even Susan. "'Used to'?" she asks, knowingly. "It's all coming back to me," he chuckles. Susan fibs that she had a crush on Carter, too, which I totally don't buy. She might've been attracted to him, but that's a bit different. Implying that she carried a torch for him smacks of revisionism. Carter agrees with me. "You were cute!" she protests. "Real cute, [but] you were a med student, I was a resident..." Carter interrupts, "I'm a resident now." Susan clarifies his Chief Resident title. They stare at each other, they get lost in each others' eyes, there's a wetting of lips and some serious blushing, and the potential for some serious naughty before the bell rings. "I'm glad you came back," he breathes. "Me too," she beams. Suddenly, harsh headlights illuminate their faces and their gooey, shmoopy glances turn to startled squints. "Gamma's home," drawls Susan. Carter nods, and we're done. Wow, that was a bit abrupt.

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