Impulse Control

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Impulse Control

And what's a crappy day without a Dido song? "Here With Me" kicks in as Sam kicks open the door of her sloppy, empty apartment, clearly lonely and down after a rough day. She flops down and tries to watch TV, but can't focus, and then trips over one of Alex's anatomy dolls.

This evidently makes her think of Luka, because the next thing we see is her knocking on his door and inviting him to get some dinner. Luka's apartment is dark. Not a light on in the entire place. He had been doing dishes, too. Who does that? Maybe he just eats a shitload of carrots. Anyway, Sam makes small talk about his apartment, but as Luka shrugs on his coat, she eases her way nervously up to him and peers into his eyes. Silently, he caresses her cheek, and they kiss. Shirts come off, tongues slip in, arms wrap around torsos. That lucky...gah. I don't really love Sam, but I don't loathe her, either; they're just two needy people whose genitals happen to fit together like a puzzle, and sometimes that's all people need, so you GO, Sam, and you get on that Croatian love stud for those of us who can't. The last shot is of Sam lying on her back, probably nude, as a shirtless Luka works her. And that is one lovely back he's got. It's a good thing they didn't put this shot into the episode any earlier, or I wouldn't have been able to think. Hot. Hot. Hot.

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