Impulse Control

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Impulse Control

Kathy watches the life ooze out of her family. Luka chooses that moment to present Sam with Layla's test results: she's pregnant. It's a bit harsh to make Kathy watch the circle of life continue before her eyes, but maybe Luka's just not one for geometry. When she tells Layla, the girl's totally thrilled, and reaches for her mobile to call Dean. "He's gonna go through the roof!" she trills. Yes, and so will Layla -- but in the opposite direction, as the crushing blow of his rejection sends her plummeting to the ground. Sam stops her from using her cell phone in the hospital, and cautiously tells her that she should consider whether she wants this baby. "Oh, Dean loves kids," Layla nods knowingly. Poor, stupid Layla. She doesn't know that Dean means that the same way my friend expresses love for his "foster kids," who are called Vicky and Ric, and are his testicles. It's a long story. Sam attempts to explain to her that what seems like a good idea now -- keeping the baby -- might not look so hot in six months or a year, or three years, but Layla is dumb, so she doesn't get it. Sam's called away again before she can hold up the sign she made that says, "Abortion: It's what's for dinner."

Miguel snots to Pratt that he's been there nine hours, and can't figure out why. Pratt is annoyed that Miguel hasn't been discharged yet. Snore. Sam buzzes past, and we follow her down the hall toward Gus, who's roaming around in his gown looking weak and curious. Arnie butts into the scene and asks if she has a moment. "I don't," Sam says. "Maybe later," Arnie says. "I won't, then, either," Sam mutters. She then tries to usher Gus back to bed, but he's staring through the trauma-room windows at Kathy and her husband. "Is he dead?" Gus asks. We watch him code. "Yes," Sam says plainly. Gus yammers on about what a shame it is, and how he bought that car on a whim but it was the best cash he ever spent because it probably saved his life: "I could've ended up like that poor schmuck in there." With that, Gus has officially joined the gym class that's trying to shimmy up the rope of Sam's last frayed nerve. She spits, "You drove your car into that family. Your Hummer slammed into their car and went right over it." A marketing guy pumps his fist and shouts, "Hummer: Finally, a flying car!" His colleagues buy him a round. As expected, Gus's weak and fidgety heart freaks out at the news, and he drops to the floor. Well done, Sam. You're as bad as Malarkey. Luka rushes over, and they shock his heart back into a rhythm.

Abby finds out for a grieving Kathy that the daughter got taken to Mercy and is being treated there, though they're pushing for a transfer. She begins walking Kathy to Ethan, but Miguel's nightmarishly boring story interferes. It's kind of the feeling you get when Pratt walks into a scene: "Damn, this day was going pretty well until now."

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