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Suddenly, the two lovebirds-that-weren't notice a crowd outside in the ambulance bay. "Oh, no, not another evacuation," Chen grumbles.

Outside, Abby approaches Carter, who is standing authoritatively with a clipboard. There's a swarm of ER personnel in the ambulance bay. "Now what?" she whispers. "I have no idea," Carter mutters. Abby suggests that he address the rebelling proletariat. "Why are you talking to me like I'm planning a prison break?" he snickers. "In case this gets ugly..." Abby begins. "You don't know me," Carter finishes for her. They swap smiles. Pratt and Chen sidle up and ask what's going on; "Talk to Norma Rae," laughs Abby. Carter recaps the walk-out, and they're receptive. "My shift's over in an hour anyway," Pratt sighs happily.

Weaver trots out to lay down the law: "Unless you're on a scheduled break, you're in violation of your hospital contract, and you're all in danger of being summarily fired." Carter argues that part of their contract promises a safe working environment. Weaver approaches and starts trying to put on a spin. "Today's incident was...horrific," she says. "But we're already taking steps to ensure it won't happen again." Luka points out that she always says that, and that it never means anything. Weaver takes offense at this. It's funny, but I feel more sympathy for her here. Yes, bureaucracy sucks, and yes, she probably could've tried harder earlier to circumvent some of it and get metal detectors, but the fact is that her hands probably are tied, and it's never fun to be the one caught between the bigwigs and the people who don't understand why budgets are allocated the way they are. Nobody loves the money guy, unless it's payday. Carter, who is inching his way up the administrative ladder, is showing a remarkable lack of savvy, despite having good intentions. And I honestly don't think he planned this to be a huge "insurrection," but he certainly got puffed up when it turned into one.

An ambulance arrives. "This is how you choose to solve the problem?" Weaver is saying to Carter. A paramedic ducks out of the rig and asks what the commotion is about; he's got a sixty-two-year-old man who needs treatment. Gallant approaches the rig to attend to the patient; Weaver and Carter simultaneously threaten him, with Weaver pointing out that Gallant's a mere student and can't get fired, but he can be failed. Gallant stares at both of them for a second, then slowly backs away from the patient. Irate, Weaver grabs the old man and wheels him inside. Slowly, Gallant walks over to the assembled group, and Pratt flashes him a really cocky, condescendingly proud smile. Poor Gallant. It's so unfair of Carter to force him to join their walk-out; that's where I really took issue with Carter, because even if he didn't want it to get this far, he really embraced it and shouldn't have been forcing his politics on a med student who's just trying to learn the craft. Weaver shouldn't have threatened him, either, though; I'm betting he might've stayed inside if she hadn't gotten all haughty with him. Gallant looks really conflicted.

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