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Once Romano is out of sight, Erin puckers up and plants one on Carter's booty, swearing she'd have left if Weaver hadn't cornered her and given her a lecture on what it means to be a doctor. "You need to figure that out all by yourself," Carter smarms. Oh, right, because being a doctor means leaving all the patients alone in a crowded hospital and refusing to treat them. Good lesson, Erin; hope you're taking notes, because if there's a Season Eleven, the regurgitated rebellion storyline will be all yours.

Pratt's roommate enters and quietly whispers that he's looking for a doctor. "Try sitting in chairs, right over there," Carter says -- kind of rudely, actually. Carter and Abby then share a quick moment where he teases her about going home to lie down and she congratulates him on his success; also, Carter signs off on some tests for Chem because Gallant stuck with Carter during Uprising 2002. All this left enough time for Pratt's roommate -- who I already know is called Leon and I'm going to go ahead and use his name even though the show hasn't yet -- to wander around looking lost and adorably scared. He repeats to Abby that he needs a doctor; she doesn't even look at him as she orders him to take a seat. He grows agitated, which leads Frank to call Security, which freaks Leon out even more, which results in Security jumping his bones and pinning him on the ground. Leon is sobbing shrilly by now, screaming for "G." Gallant bends over and tries to talk to Leon, but ends up doing a lot of shouting of his own; Leon sobs and wails until Gallant finally extracts that "G" is Greg Pratt, and he is Leon's brother.

Susan is on hold, singing "Funkytown." Carter hands off a bunch of work to Erin, who accepts it eagerly, if a little beleagueredly. He even sends her out to find his stethoscope, which doofus thinks he left in the Bay of Rigs. Susan smiles at him. "Wasn't your shift over four and a half hours ago?" she asks. "Five and a half," he says, but he's staying "until [he clears] the board." Sue grins at him. All is evidently forgiven. Which sucks, because she's giving him all these props for staying late, when in fact he wouldn't have to if he hadn't punked out on his patients in the first place. That's why this show is constantly negating forward motion with negative steps -- it would've been interesting to see Susan and Carter's friction over his actions build into something, or at least have some kind of fallout. The whole insurrection -- such as it was -- could've polarized people a lot more, but instead it fell flat.

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