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On the way out, Luka bumps into a pretty brunette nurse. "Sorry," he says distractedly. "Yeah," she says uncomfortably, which is Work Fling speak for, "Yeah, you totally wore my bra on your head last night." Luka broods his way past Gallant, who's asking Chem Glass if she's been taking oral contraceptives. "Wanna give me a reason to?" she asks, with a hopeful twitch of the lips. Aw. Yeah, we love him, too. Luka stops at reception, where Nursie appears again to hand him something. "Thank you," he says. She blinks. "That's it?" she spits bitterly. "'Sorry' and 'thanks'?" Luka rolls his eyes and stares at her. "What do you want from me, Kathy?" he sighs. I can tell you what I'd like: a fling for Luka with a nurse I've actually seen before. Abby, approaching, overhears this and backs away awkwardly, lingering in the distance just close enough to eavesdrop but far enough to look innocent. "Nothing," Kathy seethes. "I don't want anything." She turns and leaves in a dumped huff. Luka returns to his work, not lavishing any more attention on Kathy because he can spot an extra at first bang.

Abby sidles up under the pretense of asking Luka a question about the menstrual extraction, which is pretty much the most fantastic segue ever. "You okay?" she asks lightly. "Yeah, that was just, uh..." Luka begins, then shoots Abby a knowing, slightly rueful smile. "You know," he shrugs. Abby nods with a smirk. They doodle on their charts. "But, are you okay?" Abby persists. Luka blithely answers that he's busy, and that he drank too much last night. "Other than that..." he trails off. "Other than that?" she prompts him. "I'm happy for you, Abby," Luka says softly. She looks up at him and stares with a twinkle as Luka walks away. 'Shippers, take flight.

Carter, while wrapping her broken leg and foot, tells Anonymous that there's a golf-ball-sized growth near her ovaries. I think Anonymous is too young to know that her ovaries aren't in her mouth. She can treat it with antibiotics or surgery. Apparently, this golf ball was sexually transmitted, too, which can't have been fun for either party. Carter finally gets her real name: Tina Jones. "Well, Tina Jones, I don't know what got you here at twelve, but if you want to make it to twenty, you've got to stop smoking crack," Carter lectures. He offers to set her up in a detox bed today. "That'll fix everything," she says sarcastically. "It'll fix one thing," he offers. Malik interrupts to call Carter's attention to something else. "When can I get my money back?" Tina broods. Carter says he'll fork it over once she's set up in rehab. She's pretty sure he can't do that, and she's pretty right. But Carter doesn't care, because Justice has an iron fist, and right now it's a fist full of a pre-teen hooker's sweaty wad. "Sleeping with strangers for money," Carter tsks. "That's what you want?" Tina shrugs that she's got to take care of herself. He wants to give her a better chance of survival; Tina looks away, sad. "You don't know," she breathes. "I know it's not too late," Carter insists. "School, friends, birthday parties..." Tina starts to cry quietly. "You have a choice. I'm giving it to you," says the benevolent one. Chuny calls Carter away to tend to a high-speed MVA victim, so he leaves Tina alone with dreams of slumber parties that don't involve semen.

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