It's All In Your Head

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It's All In Your Head

Elizabeth tries to collect her thoughts in the medicine supply room, but Haleh interrupts her because Guy Fawkes is ready to be delivered to the burn unit, and he hasn't been intubated so he needs an escort in case his airway becomes constricted. "He's Dr. Greene's patient. Why don't you ask him?" frosts Elizabeth, who isn't at all pleased to learn that Mark left a half-hour early and fobbed Guy off onto her. So she's even cooler than usual in dealing with poor Guy, who's broken-hearted and physically crumbling. He babbles to Elizabeth that his wife's gone and he let her down, and broke a promise. "Even if I live, she'll leave me," he gasps. "I'm sure that's not true," she says. "Wouldn't you?" he pants. "Look at me." Elizabeth tries to kindly reassure him that they'll soldier on through the rough patches, but Guy isn't done trying to beef up his résumé. "Could you find her? Tell her I love her?" he begs with effort.

Elizabeth tracks down Mrs. Fawkes and introduces herself. The woman is frosty and has called Guy's mother for relief, because she can't stand to be there. "I didn't tell her about the drugs," Mrs. Fawkes snips. "I should. I should let the boys see him, show them what drugs did to their father!" Her venom is hard to digest. It feels like such a ham-handed attempt at a social-issues storyline. Elizabeth argues that, although Guy erred in judgment, he truly needs Mrs. Fawkes to help him through the rough patches. "What about my sons?" Mrs. Fawkes spits. "They need a father, but they don't have one now." Elizabeth is all gentle, insisting that the boys do have a father, but Mrs. Fawkes is dead set that smoking amphetamines means Guy is dead to her and her children. "He's in unbelievable pain," argues Elizabeth calmly. "He'll be permanently disfigured. He'll never look like the father your sons remember. I think he's suffered enough pain, don't you?" Mrs. Fawkes stares at Elizabeth with a mixture of awe and irritation.

Weaver casually hands Frank and Jerry suspension notices because of their earlier fistfight. The two men band together and pretend it's all been a monstrous joke at Kerry's expense, because there was no fight, not at all. "I love this...old guy," Jerry says, choking back disgust long enough to wrap his arm around his nemesis's shoulders. Weaver grabs Chen for confirmation that Jerry and Frank knocked her over during their horseplay, but she denies it all. "I tripped over a phone cord earlier, but that was my own fault," Chen says blithely. Weaver grimaces knowingly. I can't tell if Chen's just trying to gloss over the Frank/Jerry spat by giving them one last chance, or if she's trying to subtly get at Weaver. Either way, Weaver knows this is fishy, but lets it slide.

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