It's All In Your Head

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It's All In Your Head

Elizabeth meets up with Benton outside and hands off the unfinished paperwork. "This doesn't have to be so clandestine, Peter," she scolds affectionately. "You won't burst into flames if you actually step inside the hospital." Benton metas that he just wanted to make a clean break. We hear you, Benton. You're so played. Politely, Benton asks about Ella. "You seem to be holding up okay," he notices. "Yeah," Elizabeth breathes vacantly. Benton, no dummy, knows a plea for an inquiry when he hears one. Elizabeth gives him a long, hard look and then blurts, "I think I may have left my husband." Benton snorts. "You think?" he asks. Blah blah, she's living in a hotel. But this is the best part ever: Elizabeth starts blathering on about how she has never "made demands on" Mark, and how this is the only time she's begged him to put his family first and yet he won't do it because he won't kick Rachel out. She actually says this. Was that not her in the first few episodes of the season? You know, when she was ranting and raving about Mark not helping out enough, and basically blaming everyone but herself for her maternal fatigue? She's being a hypocrite, too, because obviously Rachel is as much Mark's family as Ella is. Elizabeth implies that Mark's refusal to boot Rachel stems from his weird need to prove he loves her. Eh? More like, his weird need to attempt a parenting method other than letting Rachel walk all over him, which is what she'd be doing if he just shipped her back and forth between himself and Vulcan Jen every time Rachel did something stupid. Actually, let's face it, Rachel will walk all over him either way. But you know if Elizabeth was in Vulcan Jen's position, she'd be reaming Mark if he tried to send Rachel home, and accusing him just as virulently of not putting his family first and trying to be a sensible parent. I don't know -- I just find this little speech insufferably self-indulgent. Peter deduces that Elizabeth wants Mark to evict Rachel because she seeks proof that he loves her and Ella. Elizabeth both agrees and disagrees, confused by her own feelings. "I don't know if I'm protecting my daughter or just angry," she sniffles. "I think I do blame him for what happened. And I think I've found a way to avoid being with him because I blame him." Benton looks sad. He doesn't want to be here. He could be in Tahiti right now. Elizabeth shakes her head and posits that Mark's suddenly...different, and in an unfavorable way. "It's like he's disconnected from us, somehow," she reflects. I don't quite see this, either -- he's busy now, but in every other scene he's been the same old don't-rock-the-boat Mark that he's been since he married the harridan. Selfishly, Elizabeth heaves a sigh. "I just don't have the energy to figure it out," she says. And, oh my. He's evil because he isn't putting Ella first, yet she's unwilling to expend the energy to TRY to patch things up with Ella's father, and is therefore not putting Ella first either. Ugh. Tumor, don't fail me now. This storyline is poison and it needs to end before anyone else falls prey.

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