It's All In Your Head

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It's All In Your Head

Mark exits onto a cold and crowded New York City street, surveying it one last time, drinking in the throng of life as his own starts to ebb. Roll credits. And there he is, Eriq La Salle, pumping his fist and dreaming that he's jamming it right up the bean counters' asses.

Mark is asleep when Rachel enters to wake him for work. She's going out of her way to be an attentive child, but Mark can't appreciate it, what with having his own death warrant in his pocket. Devoid of energy, he stares at the ceiling, promising to come downstairs in a second. Rachel is about two synapse-firings away from darting him a concerned look, but instead she just shrugs and heads back down to the kitchen. Mark rolls into a sitting position so that we get another look at his tumor scar, that familiar, thin pink Bridge Over Troubled Hairline.

Once Mark joins her, Rachel shares that Elizabeth called, and instead of leaving a number, she dictated a list of things she needs for Ella. Rachel then offers to bag them for Mark, but he gently waves her off and pours coffee. "How'd it go?" she asks. Mark stiffens, just the way everyone does when they're gripped by a guilty secret. If this was Days of Our Lives, we'd fade to commercial on a close-up of Mark's wildly darting eyes and feverish brow. But of course, she's speaking only of the conference Mark invented to cover his trip to Humperdinck's lair in Florin. "Uh, good, you know, the usual," Mark covers. "Boring." He makes sure she's all set to sleep over at a friend's house that night. "Are you sure you should be doing this?" Rachel asks, worried. Mark fogs up again. "Working a double shift?" she prods. Mark shakes it off and swears he'll be fine.

At the hospital, Drs. John "Son of Frosty" Carter and Jing-Mei "Deb" Chen pedeconference about a few different patients; he's giving her varied bullets, one of which is, "Dr. Lewis is crashed out in [Exam] Three." Chen looks up. "Susan?" she asks. No, Emmanuel. This is WebstER. Man, I hate stupid lines like that. There's no way Chen would've needed to clarify. Real people don't do that when there's no other Dr. Lewis. Carter exposits that Susan worked a double shift, so she shouldn't be disturbed. "And last but not least, the lovely but kind of spooky Miss Armstrong in Two, who's waiting on a Psych consult before the sewer people come and get her," Carter grins. "What sewer people?" Chen asks. "She's crazy, Deb," deadpans Carter. "Hence the Psych consult." Chen twinkles at him. That one goes out to all the Carter/Chen 'shippers out there. Carter flippantly tells her there's a burn trauma on its way in, as well, and flees for the day.

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