It's All In Your Head

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It's All In Your Head

Jerry presents Chen with a bouquet of red roses that's just been delivered from Randall. She's disturbed. This is the weirdest tertiary story -- reminding us that Chen has a sex life, or something. Ick. Frank leans in and quietly offers to have his police pals run a background check on Randall. I think it's sweet that he's protective. But I've loved Frank long time, so I'm biased. Jerry indiscreetly scoffs at Frank's offer, complaining that law enforcement officers too often abuse their ability to invade people's privacy. "Malcontent," gripes Frank. "Psycho fascist," Jerry fires back. This really rankles Frank's nads. Furious, he spins around and starts yelling at Jerry. "Bring it on, Gramps!" Jerry dares him. Frank lunges at him and they throw each other around inside the front desk area while Chen screams and gets in the way. The men bump into her and knock her to the floor, banging up her knee a bit. Frank and Jerry bicker about who was at fault. "Will you both shut up?" she screams.

A paramedic wheels in Dennis Cooper, victim of multiple gunshot wounds to the chest. Chen hobbles over to handle the case. His daughter is wheeled in behind him, seemingly unhurt but covered in dried blood and staring off into space, as if in shock.

Elizabeth and Chen crack open Dennis's chest so that we get a nifty trick-of-the-week. It's gross. There's blood. The smooth, gray fleshy body looks exactly like every fake C-section this show's ever done. Chen refers Weaver to the daughter, who is next door under Gallant's care. She potters off to see about it. "No evidence of any penetrating injuries," he reports. "I don't think any of this is her blood." The girl nervously clutches a stuffed animal and has her knees drawn halfway to her chest. She shies away from Weaver's friendly gestures. Gallant whispers that from the looks of things, the moppet saw her father get shot and knows who the culprit is. Weaver sits down to examine her, but a lurking cop has to supply her name -- Brianne -- because the moppet isn't saying a word. Weaver is mildly annoyed by the cop's presence, but largely ignores him in favor of trying to draw out Brianne. She promises to try and make Dennis better. "Are you hurt?" Weaver asks gently. "I don't think so," squeaks the girl tightly. Officer Poirot over there hunches down and demands to know if Brianne saw the person who shot her father. Disgusted, Weaver kicks him out of the room. She is sassy! She promises Brianne that no one can hurt her here, and that she's safe.

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