Just As I Am

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Just As I Am

Neela and Abby walk along and talk about Abby's relationship with Jake. It's revealed that Jake is sleeping over at Abby's place every night. Abby claims that it's easier, because Jake has been working long hours in surgery, and her place is closer to the hospital. Neela asks if it's all about convenience, and Abby grins, "No, we do like each other." She proceeds to fill Neela in on a bunch of useless trivia, like that Jake's real name is George. Abby stops herself when she realizes she's being obnoxious. I liked that exchange, because it's true that, in the first stages of a relationship, you think that everyone is as fascinated with your partner as you are. And really, they just want to hit you with a shovel to make you shut up.

Shane West and Luka sign over a bunch of charts to Carter and Weaver. As Shane walks out, Neela tells him to take the back stairs at home, because the front ones are frozen. Shane asks if she shoveled, and Neela gives him a look like, "Bitch, please." Neela also tells Shane that the kitchen window wouldn't close, so there's some snow in the kitchen, and that he might want to turn the oven on to melt the snow. Or, you could shovel it up and dump it in the sink or something. Why did she have the kitchen window open in the first place? Abby notices Shane's look of consternation and sweetly says, "She used to be my roommate."

Weaver hands out charts to various doctors. Darlene sneaks up and asks Neela why Weaver's working. Neela turns around and asks the same question of Susan, who says that Weaver does "two shifts a month to keep up her skills and stay in touch with the needs of the department." Sam walks through and tells them about the ice skater with the leg gash, who's out in chairs. Weaver tells Frank to get a wheelchair, and he informs her that there's a trauma at the back door. Weaver assigns everyone to various patients and tells Abby and Darlene to come with her. After she's gone, Neela tells Carter, "It must be awkward for Dr. Lewis, being chief, and then having Dr. Weaver back." Carter says it's kind of the opposite, because Weaver comes in and takes charge and Susan practically gets a day off.

Weaver, Abby, and Darlene help Doris the Paramedic to wheel in a gurney. Doris explains that the gurney contains a gentleman with multiple stab wounds to the back from a screwdriver. Ouch. Pratt walks in behind them and complains about the effect that snow has on traffic. Which is not exactly a new phenomenon, so watch a weather report and give yourself extra time, Pratt. Weaver yells to Pratt that she and Abby can handle this, and orders him to take Darlene and check out a woman with Pick's Disease. Pratt isn't psyched about having a student along for the ride, but Weaver insists.

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